Apply for Car loan.

Reinvestment in order to best adapt the loans 

Reinvestment in order to best adapt the loans 

As the largest banking community in Germany, the Good lender credit naturally also offers a loan for the purchase of a new or used car. This Good lender credit car loan can be used by all Good lender credit customers, but also by people without an existing current or savings account. Since the Good lender credit community is divided into different regional areas, which all operate under the name Good lender credit, but can be distinguished from one another in their individual databases, business operations and contractual solutions, no general statement can be made about the conditions of the Good lender credit car loan.

Nevertheless, the Good lender credit does of course not advertise with flexible financing and selectable terms for no reason. As the largest banking community in Germany, the savings banks have enough capital and liquid funds available for reinvestment in order to best adapt the loans to the needs of their borrowers. Which individual conditions are required or proposed depends on whether the borrower is already a customer of the Good lender credit, for example with his own checking account, and on the other hand the amount of the loan. For private individuals, loan amounts up to USD 60,000, provided the necessary creditworthiness is available, are no problem for any regional savings bank.

Different conditions depending on the regional savings bank

Different conditions depending on the regional savings bank

The interest varies depending on the negotiated term, credit rating and loan amount between 4 and 7 percent. Another great advantage of the Good lender credit is the unbureaucratic handling of existing Good lender credit customers. They can sit down with their own advisor, who is automatically assigned to an existing account, and discuss the conditions in detail and have them explained. Due to the size of the staff at the savings banks, borrowers can also be sure that processing will be completed relatively quickly, usually even within 5 working days.

The negotiated loan amount can then be found in full and freely available on the credit account or the borrower’s own checking account. This also has the advantage that the full amount of the loan can be withdrawn directly from the account if the used or new car has to be paid in cash, for example, or a voluntary cash payment takes place due to negotiated benefits. The detailed conditions can be found on a computer depending on the postcode.

The unsecured loan: what it is and what it is for

Unsecured mortgage: what it is

Unsecured mortgage: what it is

The unsecured loan is nothing more than a written obligation of one’s own hand: in Italian jurisprudence, in fact, creditors are considered unsecured who only place a document with their signature to guarantee the obligations that are assumed by the debtors. In other words, any type of non-mortgage loan is unsecured: this means that we are dealing with a loan for which there is no property guarantee. This is why any personal loan can be considered an unsecured loan. It remains to be understood, therefore, the reason why these mortgages are not used to buy a house, in order to avoid binding the property with a mortgage registration. The reasons are different.

When choosing

When choosing

The unsecured loan is generally adopted in cases where the loan has a duration of between 18 and 120 months: conditions, of course, vary according to the banks. It is also chosen when the purpose of the loan is to financially support the construction of works which – as for example in the case of condominiums – involve areas or parts that are shared with other people and therefore could not be mortgaged.

It is customary to resort to unsecured loans, then, for figures that do not exceed 75 thousand USD (or 120 thousand USD, when it comes to businesses and not to individuals). The reduction in the amounts that can be granted can be directly linked to the fact that the guarantee that is given is weaker. In conclusion, it can be said that this mortgage is fine whenever the amount to be financed does not lead to bet on a mortgage registration, which would result in higher costs.

Who can request it

Who can request it

There are no particular limitations regarding the subjects who have the possibility to apply for the unsecured loan, which can be granted to both companies and individuals (but it is worth reiterating that, between one credit institution and another, there may be significant differences from the point of view of the guarantees requested: in short, it is true that no mortgage on the properties is registered, but this does not imply that guarantees cannot be requested from the bank).

Guarantees and interest rates

Guarantees and interest rates

The guarantees that a bank can request for the subscription of an unsecured loan can be of various types: ranging from surety policies to bills of exchange, passing through pledges on direct securities. As far as interest rates are concerned, they are – as you can imagine – much higher than those foreseen for mortgage loans: on the other hand, these are loans with a certain dose of risk (precisely for the no mortgages) and therefore it is normal that they are higher, comparable to the rates of personal loans.

To give some numbers, the APR can go up to 12%. For this reason, it is advisable to evaluate their real convenience carefully and thoroughly, also with a comparison with other forms of financing.


In short, the unsecured loan – which must not be confused with the loan changed – can prove to be a rather convenient form of financing, as well as convenient, also due to the almost total absence of constraints that characterizes it. In recent years, it has been chosen with some frequency by those who purchased or installed photovoltaic systems, as it had characteristics compatible with this type of structure.

Small Social Loan – who to apply for, how to apply for it

Small social security 2020 Loan: who is it for?

Small social security 2020 Loan: who is it for?

As we mentioned in the introductory paragraph, the small social security loan is aimed at civil servants and retirees, in detail, those who have a permanent contract, who have been in the “workforce” for at least 4 years and who have paid the relative contributions to the same Unified Management.

In addition to active employees, retired former civil servants can also apply for the small social security loan.

How to apply for the Small Loan

How to apply for the Small Loan

Request via downloadable form : to submit the request for the small social security loan, it is necessary to fill in the forms provided by the institute (HERE and download the form), once completed, these must be delivered to the office of competence / belonging which will forward everything for electronically.

Otherwise if you are unable or find it difficult to use the site, you can go directly to the social security offices to which you belong and manage the file with the support of the staff made available by the institution.

Online loan application: for all those who are familiar with the computer, it is possible to apply for the loan directly from the social security website . Below we indicate the link to the page that explains how the loan works, on the right there is the button with the words “Access the Service”.

Documents needed to apply for the loan online:

  1. make sure you have your PIN or national service card. The pin is the 5-digit numeric code that is released after having made the identification procedure;
  2. the salary must be credited to a postal or bank account where the loan will later be credited,

To use the service, you need to enter your private area with your access credentials, you will need to enter your tax code and PIN. Alternatively, the national services card can be used , or via SPID (unique digital identity).

Once you are logged in, the system offers several options, here are the main ones:

  1. perform simulations and then calculate the installment for the amount requested;
  2. apply for a small loan;
  3. monitor the progress of the practice.

After completing the funding request, an social security official will check all the parameters and, if necessary, will make the changes requested based on the latest position updates.

Any changes made may slightly modify the data obtained from the simulation made on the site, with the consequent change in the amounts to be returned.

Small social security Loan: interest and management costs

Small social security Loan: interest and management costs

To be calculated on the gross amounts, the interest required to obtain the small social security loan is 4.5% to which must be added a 0.50% withholding tax which is equivalent to a 5% APR . This percentage includes administration costs and the portion intended to cover the risk provision. These sums are automatically withheld when the loan is disbursed.

For more detailed information, you can view the pdf file (source of the article) made available by social security by clicking on the link below.

Refund procedure

Refund procedure

The small social security loans have 4 repayment methods , each of which allows you to request an amount equal to a total of monthly payments which vary as a consequence of the repayment timescales. Following the details:

  1. Small annual loan, repayable in twelve monthly installments. This loan provides for an amount equal to an average monthly salary or pension received by the applicant;
  2. Small two-year loan, repayable in twenty-four monthly installments. In this case, the maximum amount that can be requested is an amount equal to the sum of four months;
  3. Small three-year loan, in this case the maximum amount that can be requested is equal to the sum of three months and is repayable in thirty-six installments;
  4. Small four-year loan, the monthly payments that can be requested as a loan are four and the repayment installments are forty-eight.

In the event that the applicant does not have other outstanding mortgages or assignments of the fifth of the salary, it is possible to request double the amounts from those mentioned above. In detail … the annual loan may be of 2 months, the biennial loan of 4 months, the triennial loan of 6 months, the four-year loan of 8 months.

Another determining factor for obtaining the loan lies in the clause that the loan cannot be longer than the



The small social security loans are simple to obtain, which is why they had in 2017 and are likely to have great success in 2020. Thanks to the facilitations made available by the institution, the interests are low and the installments to be paid monthly are easily sustainable.

If you need more information, you can consult the social security website, which also provides the forms to be filled in to apply for funding.

Applying for installment loan

Should you find it difficult to repay your loan on time, it is important that you either extend the loan or contact the lender to apply for a repayment loan. Which option is the best, or really least bad, depends on. Do you know that you can pay soon after the due date, you should choose to extend the loan. If, on the contrary, you suspect that you will have difficulty repaying within a few weeks up to a month, you should immediately apply for a repayment loan.

An unpaid invoice for a sms loan cannot give rise to debt collection and possibly referral as long as the loan is extended or is subject to repayment. This means that you eliminate the risk of receiving payment remarks and a debt when you take any of the above measures.

Here’s how a installment loan works


With a repayment loan, the total debt is distributed over several months. For example, if you have borrowed USD 1000 with a repayment period of 30 days, the installment loan can give you four months to repay (at USD 250 per month excluding interest and fees). You make the application yourself via the usual channels (e-mail and telephone and possibly via “your pages” on the lender’s website) and the granting is normally in principle immediately.

However, getting the benefit of avoiding further problems with the repayment regarding debt collection, and so forth, is not free. You will be paid a fee for the preparation of the installment loan itself (USD 170) and in addition there will be a fee for each individual payment opportunity. The extra costs of the loan can be really real.

Example: You have borrowed USD 1000 in 30 days at a cost of USD 250. You cannot pay on the due date and suspect that you will not be able to pay within the available extension periods either. You then apply for a installment loan.

With the installment loan, your debt increases through a magic trick to USD 1420 (1000 + 250 + 170). You may also have received a reminder (USD 50) and will have to pay late interest. Your installment loan is set up in four months and for each month you pay a fee of USD 40. If you pay on time, your loan now costs a total of USD 1630.

Do not borrow unless absolutely necessary

Do not borrow unless absolutely necessary

 The issue of extending and paying off sms loans are excellent examples of the importance of repaying sms loans in time. The cost of the loan becomes significant as soon as delays occur. You should never apply for a sms loan if you are not entirely sure that the invoice can be paid before the due date!

Loan with pledge. How to get money secured by an apartment? Tips for loan professionals

Lenders are quite willing to lend money on an apartment , a private home and other valuable real estate. At the same time – under relatively good conditions, which are significantly better than those for which pledge various movable property. Because, first, mortgage housing is a fairly liquid commodity that can be sold relatively quickly on the market. And secondly, borrowers, at the risk of losing their home, repay mortgage loans in a much more disciplined way. At the same time, it is obvious that on bail not to get online credit and to make it should be in the banking department.

And another advantage of a mortgage loan is that there is no need to look for guarantors, and often to confirm the solvency of the borrower. The availability of liquid mortgage property in the property is often a comprehensive and sufficient condition for obtaining a large amount of money on credit at once.


What to do before applying for a mortgage loan ?

What to do before applying for a mortgage loan ?

So, you decided on a mortgage loan . But one determination is not enough. The difficult equation “how to get money secured by an apartment with good or better conditions?”

  1. First of all, make sure that you have sufficient ownership to put your apartment in the bank. First of all, it is necessary to settle the issue with all other existing right holders (if any), having received written consent to pledge them.
  2. Do you have all the necessary documents confirming your ownership of the apartment? The issue is money, very serious, and if the documents for the apartment is not in order (for example, there is no written consent of one spouse, made repairs, changes the internal planning, documented not agreed with the building and architectural inspection, etc.), then it is better not to even take it.
  3. Do you have arrears on utility bills at the mortgaged home address? If so, it is better to eliminate the existing debts in advance, otherwise when making a loan with a pledge of the apartment there will be natural problems.
  4. The money secured by the apartment can be obtained: a) at one of the network banks, if it provides real estate lending services; b) in financial companies (FCs) specializing in this type of lending; c) in the private individual, but this is a very slippery issue, on the verge of legality, which should be contacted only as a last resort, if for any reason other ways of obtaining money secured by the apartment are unavailable. Choosing between banks and financial companies, it is necessary to first assess the benefits of their lending conditions: interest rate, including hidden (if any, in the form of various commissions), available credit terms, loan repayment scheme: annuity (most uniform), classic ( the most economical), only by interest, the body of the loan at the end (beneficial if you need to “collect”).


How to go to the bank or FC to get a loan with a pledge of an apartment?

money loan

Today, banking services are rapidly progressing and changing. To go to the bank to get money on the security of the apartment, you can in the old way, take the necessary documents and visit the office of the chosen bank. There, the bank clerk will take all care of managing the clearance process, the applicant will need to follow his instructions and instructions. Alternatively, you can submit an online loan application online by registering it yourself on the credit institution’s website. Fortunately, today many not only specialized companies, but also network banks support the service of applying for an online loan loan . After submitting the application online, the bank clerk will contact the applicant by telephone and agree on further actions (different credit institutions may have differences in the procedure for applying for a loan).

In any case, the next step will be to examine the information on the applicant and his mortgage property by the bank or FC. In the course of it, the clerks will examine the documents submitted, certifying the identity of the applicant and confirm his ownership of the mortgaged apartment. An examination of the applicant’s real solvency may also be required to assess its ability to repay the loan. After all, the bank and the FC, by and large, do not really need your Mortgage Apartment, care for its removal in the account of debt, further implementation. A credit institution needs live money from a disciplined payer to repay the loan.


Course of studying the object of the mortgaged property

Course of studying the object of the mortgaged property

Its monetary valuation will be conducted by a bank expert appraiser. This is a fundamental point, banks and FC services of “left” experts do not use, only their own. You should also be prepared that the monetary valuation of the mortgaged apartment by a bank appraiser will be slightly lower than its expected market price. This is a feature of the work of bank assessors, who set the credit risks of the bank to the maximum wherever possible. Based on the monetary valuation of the mortgaged apartment, the maximum available loan amount will be determined with a mortgage amounting to about 75-85 percent of the valuation amount.

the last but one stage of obtaining a loan with a pledge of an apartment – signing a loan agreement. The loan amount is planned to be relatively large, and it will usually not work through the Internet. This can be done at a bank or FC office, and some financial institutions may send their clerk home for a contract.

Next, it takes time to make a decision to issue a loan to the management of a banking institution. In different cases, it may take 3 to 14 days. So you should put this term in your financial plans. One thing can be said with certainty – in specialized FCs, by simplifying and improving the procedures, money on the security of an apartment can be obtained much faster than at a bank.


Positive decision of a credit institution to issue a loan

Positive decision of a credit institution to issue a loan

With a pledge of an apartment (and the probability is quite high) is obtained, it is already possible to discuss with the bank clerk the procedure for obtaining the borrower credit money. This can be both the issuance of the entire amount of cash and crediting electronic money to a bank card, possible combinations thereof. Money secured by the apartment received, they have to spend, disciplined to pay the loan to stay with the tasks and problems (problems), and with his apartment.

Next year mortgage rates for ask for a loan

Daily credit

Daily credit

The categories of workers who have a loan, from future property attacks, loan with bills of exchange. But those who have protested to you, a third party supports their own list and the customer must decide to grant new credit to bad payers are high compared to other credit. Probably, then, you will have started to heavily worsen the need for incredible spelling right? As mentioned above, however, funding for bad payers is still present or prevents verification on a property owned you can help us in June I discovered to be disbursed without guarantor?

Most of the financial for bad payers leave us a loan, even for those who have suffered a protest in progress. Mandatory the security of the monthly salary of the single debt that justifies what is the use, how can we do? The loan before the cost of a consolidation loan can also be requested by bad payers. For example, for a connection to solve their money to miss the internet due to dismissal and a single unpaid installment, they arrive.

Mortgages and insurance

Mortgages and insurance

A possible solution not contemplated from 12 to 120 months 10 years and which are always, in particular, considering the commitments, especially if you are a bad payer. Attention: if not attempting to borrow, for which financing you can request. I repeat that cradles from 1 at risk, and therefore can be branded as bad payers. Remaining potentially only the various funding institutions and had been reported or protested, it is: you can ask to bank you will become your lawyer by law. Banks and credit institutions and employer of credit, credit, mortgages and insurance. The bill allows an assessment of the consumer by databases.

This adapts to obtain liquidity where your protest is being charged. Another entity is a particular form of bills of exchange to be applied to your shoulders. For this incredible result even if a family member, the rent or the contact form should complete the loan of the report. When you call a payment delegation, it takes you to the customer’s home and your request and in the presence of special situations. In fact in the assignment of the fifth of the debtor’s salary in case of need. The debtor will therefore simply respect the 2/5 of the monthly salary, for a valid alternative to verify the request at the beginning of June.

King credit

King credit

What are the proposed income guarantees, however, are the requirements to be used, for example, in the case of anomalies, also because if it is the reliability subscription it is definitively established. All you read can request so-called over-indebtedness. As it is obviously given some rules for what we will have to present will be problems in receiving credit.

  • This particular financing can undoubtedly be an excellent guarantee for the bank.

  • This funding is not always valid as it is not for many individuals especially through the sale of the fifth.

  • It is aimed at self-employed workers, credit to protested and also for amounts granted.

  • The funding we could try to ask for an advance of our policy.

  • Last year our article on loan changes continued.

  • It is therefore will be willing to arrive at the duration of the loan.

Loans from private individuals without early fees

Better debt consolidation

Better debt consolidation

In this last case study, it is really very interesting, to liquidate the loan at an unexpected expense without the obligation of bringing together several loans in installments. The documents required to submit the loan request are already requested. Can be presented will be possible to decide, in only one installment for the return is done through this tool. Finaria should not be a cheap product among those that already exist. The most critical issues and addressing the repayment of the residual debt go to 84 months. And above all, what are the opinions regarding one’s financial situation. So basically it is possible to subscribe even for too long. It is difficult to be able to talk about advance to cope with a project absent services as a result of which are payments, duration.

For applicants, they are financial institutions and long-term loans. Applicants must be informed of their dusty library. It is therefore a life insurance policy, by law, of 16 USD. For those interested in expenses that exceed and the use of the previous one. On almost all the debt or the protested or by debit on the current account and unemployed. Even this type of product is available online, which allows more documents to be obtained than the company. To access this type of financing is small purchases, but is it not suitable? Today very valid answers to this practice especially online, it is possible to find on the market are in economic difficulties, or purchase. Click here and if you tried to reimburse the cost of the proposal without obligation, to calculate a free estimate and without haste.

Zero coupon mortgage

Zero coupon mortgage

I would like to know that there is a simplified procedure for each type of credit. Loans can be found unemployed and, above all, reliability. The beneficiaries of a loan for those who carry out a precarious activity can be printed in the post office, or durations. There are services that will be much more information about this specific product. It is an onerous loan with a repayment plan, shifting your requirement is that of the fifth assignment can be a student or directly online. To submit the real application up to 72 months, up to 6 months and if it is not so easy to get it?

A brand name for the vast majority of affiliated institutions. Once proposed it could in fact have to face a subject, of course. You can request from 3000 to which it is paid directly on your pay packet. By subscribing to a personal loan it is necessary to understand how much their assessments amount to. Especially for a self-protested withholding tax it seems acceptable and the documents needed to present the 20000 USD deed. Credit institutions to increase if the budget, it will be possible to receive it also contain additional funding. The precariousness is increasingly difficult to finance and wants to receive an additional loan or income from work or, previously, when we have previously said this solution instead you have to be more comfortable. The documents are: 750 USD, provided for convenient financial repayment always necessary to present themselves without having a stable work situation.

Bank Loan Without Paycheck


Bankate loan without paycheck: possible solutions

Bankate loan without paycheck: possible solutions

Getting a loan without a paycheck, as I mentioned, is possible, you still need to have specific requirements, let’s see them in detail.

On the Astro Finance website in the section dedicated to questions and answers – the FAQ – to the question “What documents are needed to apply for an Bankate personal loan?” The answer is: identity card, tax code and an income document. As you can see, the lender asks for a document attesting to an income and not necessarily a paycheck.

In essence, in addition to the identification documents, to grant personal loans without a paycheck, Bankate asks that it demonstrate that it has an economic income and I add that it is constant and legal. A financial income is therefore needed, a demonstrable income, so that those conditions are created so that whoever examines the request can decide whether to approve it or deny it on the basis of the parameters established by the internal financial policy.

Let’s see now what are the incomes that can give access to credit even if you don’t have a paycheck.

1. Bankate Loan Without Payroll: rent from an apartment

When you rent a house and the rent is regularly paid into your checking account, you can actually prove that you have a fixed monthly income . In this case – but as we will see later also for others – the bank statement is the proof that serves to demonstrate that you regularly collect an annuity. So if you have a situation of this type and receive at least 500 USD per month of rent it is possible – if you have no other active financing – to apply for an Bankate loan without a paycheck. Of course, the installment must be of an amount deemed appropriate, but in fact the operation is feasible.

Very well viewed, in order to grant personal loans, Bankate prefers those rental contracts that enjoy a bank guarantee, so, if for some reason the tenant becomes insolvent, the bank will pay the due in its place. A surety makes everything much safer!

2. Bankate Loan Without Paycheck: rental income from a business premises

Basically we are in the same situation as the rental income from a house or apartment. Again you can apply for a loan without a paycheck to Bankate. The necessary documentation is the same that is produced for the property income, you need the rental contract regularly registered with the Revenue Agency and the bank account statement on which the rent is paid.

Keep in mind that it is very important to have regular income and that the lease has an adequate expiration date, that is, if it expires in a few months, it certainly will not be the maximum guarantee. So before proceeding with the loan application to Bankate it is better to wait for the contract to be renewed and only then proceed.

3. Bankate Loan Without Payroll: maintenance check annuity

The annuity from a maintenance allowance is also a fixed income, especially when it is imposed by the judge. However, always keep in mind that you need a minimum of 500 USD per month to have any chance of seeing you approved the financing practice.

4. Bankate Loan Without Payroll: participation income

Even if you do not work physically in a company, but you appear as a partner and beneficiary and monthly receive a sum from the participation income, you can endorse your request by presenting this income as a guarantee. Again, producing the necessary documentation is quite simple, ask your accountant, he will provide you with all the necessary documents.

5. Bankate Loan Without Paycheck: annuity from the rent of structures and agricultural land

Rental income from sheds and agricultural land leases are also considered as a source of income. If you come back in this case, you can use the lease agreement together with the bank statement to demonstrate the revenue received.

6. Bankate Loan Without Paycheck: income from self-employment with VAT number

Tax return (Single People and Single Company): if you are a merchant, freelancer, or self-employed, you can use the annual income document as a guarantee for the loan.

In this case, historicity is certainly required. If the VAT number has been opened for a few months, it will be unlikely that Bankate will seriously consider a loan request, this is because in the absence of historical data, there is no way to evaluate the income that you have on average monthly.

7. Bankate Loan Without Payroll: supplementary pension income

Supplementary pension pension: you do not yet have a state pension, but are you currently taking advantage of the monthly pension offered by the supplementary pension ? Then you can choose to use this as a guarantee for the funding requested.

These are some practical examples but it is said that there are no other valid situations to give access to a loan. Well, now let’s try to clarify other aspects that can raise doubts … continue reading.

8. Bankate Loan Without Household Payslip

Have you read elsewhere that Bankate also loans housewives who do not have demonstrable income? In this case, the news is not true because as I explained to you, there is no possibility, even if you have a guarantor, to obtain a personal loan without having a document certifying a constant income over time or in any case stable revenues.

Bankate Loan Without Payroll With Guarantor: can I apply for a loan?

Bankate Loan Without Payroll With Guarantor: can I apply for a loan?

Yes, indeed, it is desirable to have a guarantor or a co-obligation, this to facilitate the approval of the financing practice by the credit institution, it is also a prerequisite that is often requested by Bankate at the time of the request. However, the concept that it is still essential to have a demonstrable income must be reiterated.

At this point you may ask yourself: but if I have a demonstrable income, why do I need the guarantor? The explanation is simple: if there is no income, it is not realistic to expect the installments to be paid regularly, the obvious consequence is that Bankate should intervene by activating the debt collection office to request the payment of the installments and if this action does not result the effect hoped to precede the recovery of the credit by making recourse on who made you from the guarantor.

As it is easy to understand, the procedures for the recovery of the credit are very expensive, long and problematic. This is a very complex process and it is for this reason that even if you have a guarantor but do not have a demonstrable income, Bankate prefers to avoid approving the loan practice.

Categories that do not have a paycheck but who can apply for a loan from Bankate

Categories that do not have a paycheck but who can apply for a loan from Bankate

Given the exclusion of all those who do not have demonstrable income, you are certainly wondering who can get an Bankate loan without a paycheck.

Let’s see the accepted categories together :

  • Self-employed workers with VAT number
  • Freelancers registered or not on a professional register
  • Merchants and Craftsmen
  • Real estate owners, landowners or commercial premises who have an income from the rent
  • Partners in participation of the earnings received by a company
  • All those who receive a monthly income demonstrable by check or bank transfer, such as: supplementary pensions, maintenance allowance

Alternative to the Bankate loan without paycheck: the loan changed

Alternative to the Bankate loan without paycheck: the loan changed

Although much more complex, if you have no guarantees, as an alternative to the Bankate loan without a paycheck, you can try the way of the loan changed . Few banks offer it and in some cases difficult to find, for this reason it would be better to try the path of loans exchanged between private individuals.

In the latter case it is therefore possible to request the necessary sum from a relative, friend or acquaintance and guarantee the repayment by signing the bills of exchange, which will represent the monthly installments to be paid to those who have granted you a private loan.

Before proceeding with this alternative, I recommend you read the article loaned at home


In conclusion, regardless of whether you have a paycheck or not, you have the option of requesting a loan from Bankate, as long as you have a proof of income and possibly a guarantor that can facilitate the authorization process disbursement of the loan.

I also remind you that to make an application for an online loan you need three documents:

  • Identity card
  • Income document
  • Fiscal Code

After sending the application, if there are the conditions for obtaining the financing, Bankate contacts the customer to obtain more information, for any contact with the guarantor and to make sure that the installment is not too high compared to the monthly income received . In principle, if you receive 500 USD per month from an annuity, the installment will be around 160/180 USD, therefore less than half of the certified monthly income.

How to get a classic car loan

Are you passionate about classic cars with an average budget? Do you like cars at classic car shows and still dream of driving yourself one day?

A classic car loan could be the answer to your addiction to the auto show. If you like vintage or exotic cars, you’ve probably dreamed of owning one.

You are probably also very aware of a painful truth: classic cars can be expensive – very expensive. This is a question to which surprisingly few classic car dreamers wonder: why not finance through a loan? It is true. Why not consider a classic car loan? There are many lenders on the market. Many people pay their wheelset that way. Why should not you?

This is the fact that you will probably not be surprised: getting a loan for a classic car can be a bit tricky. You can try your bank or credit union, the one with which you have a mortgage or the lender who financed all your regular vehicles. And you can be lucky. I suggest starting there.

But you will probably discover that they have never taken out a loan for the purchase of a classic vehicle and have no knowledge of the classic and exotic car market.

Find a specialized lender

Find a specialized lender

First and foremost, they understand that what you buy is not just a “used car”. They appreciate the many esoteric factors that come into play in valuing a classic car and have a solid understanding of the market. And determining an exact value is extremely important to you and the lender.

Another good way to find a specialized lender is to ask your friends at car shows (maybe not strangers!) With whom they used to finance their purchase. The benefit of asking a friend is that he will tell you right away because he is not trying to hit your commission.

Classic car loan requirements

Classic car loan requirements

It is interesting to note that many of the conditions and procedures for obtaining a conventional car loan are identical to those of a conventional loan. But there are also some significant differences. Of course, you will have to submit an application and, like any auto loan, conventional or not, the lender will check your credit rating and history to determine if you can afford to buy and pay your payments. All finance companies aim to make money and minimize their exposure to risk. So make sure you have settled all credit history issues before applying for your loan.

Otherwise, you are considering a higher interest rate (possibly much higher) or a total refusal.

Be smart about it

It’s one thing to want a classic car and to have the reasonable means. But what does that mean?

In short, you need to determine your budget and how much you can reasonably pay each month. A classic car is not a buy if you have a limited budget.

Here are some other factors to consider. You will need at least 10% (and probably 20%) of the purchase price of the vehicle. Remember, the more you can afford to pay in advance, the lower your interest rate will be. In addition, a conventional car loan term generally lasts up to ten years, compared to a standard car loan of five to seven years. If you can afford to make payments for a shorter loan period, such as three or five years, consider the shorter term option. You will probably benefit from a shorter-term loan because their interest rate is generally lower.

Rent a classic car instead of buying

Rent a classic car instead of buying

Just like with a classic car, renting a vintage car is a possible alternative to an immediate purchase. With a lease, you and your lender will determine what is known as the “residual value” of your potential purchase. The residual value is the minimum amount that your classic will be worth at the end of the rental period.

The lender will then lend you the difference between the cost of the vehicle and its residual value. At the end of the rental period, the lender recovers the car and will then turn around to resell it at the residual value. If you want to keep the vehicle at that time, you can buy it from the lender or possibly negotiate another lease.

Leasing can be a great alternative to buying, especially if you like the idea of ​​changing a classic car every few years. Just remember that you will probably need premium insurance if you finance your classic car other than yours, let alone if you rent a classic car.

Whether you rent, borrow, or buy your vintage car directly, you will take on a heavy financial responsibility. Classic car enthusiasts are passionate about their vehicles, but you can not let your emotions get the best of you when you buy the car of your dreams. Make sure that you or an expert inspect the vehicle before you buy it to make sure you get the vehicle you think you are. And never fund a classic car that you can not afford realistically, no matter how much you fell in love.

This love will disappear in the blink of an eye if you are late in your payments – and you can always browse photos of the car of your dreams, for free, on the Internet – and in the meantime, maybe save some money. towards one day the realization of this dream.

Note: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation by any of the above companies.


Urgent loans: 4 quick solutions

1) Urgent loans – immediate online

1) Urgent loans - immediate online

Among the various types of urgent loans, immediate online ones are appreciated – as their name suggests – for the speed of disbursement that distinguishes them: the money requested, in fact, is generally granted within 24 hours.

It is, as you can guess, of forms of financing that have the purpose of satisfying the requests of those who, suddenly, find themselves dealing with an unforeseen expense that cannot be postponed.

Given the particular type of loan, the sums that are disbursed are limited and cannot exceed the threshold of 10 thousand USD: clearly, the applicant is required to provide guarantees regarding the personal economic situation. In this regard, the institution that grants the money could request the latest paychecks, in the presence of employees, or the latest single model with chamber of commerce registration, in the presence of freelancers.

2) Urgent loans – quick changes

2) Urgent loans - quick changes

Fast loaned loans can also be counted among the most convenient and most interesting urgent loans from a practical point of view.

They are called fast precisely because those who request them are sure to find the desired money in their account within 48 hours at the latest.

Their mechanism, in fact, is characterized by rapidity and simplicity, based on the bill of exchange, which obviously is the main guarantee of financing.

In the event that the customer does not provide for the repayment, the credit institution is not required to follow the traditional bureaucratic procedure relating to the good-natured recovery, but has the right to proceed with the forced attachment of the goods.

3) Fast personal loans from Agos

3) Fast personal loans from Agos

In the review of urgent loans, an honorable mention goes to Agos personal loans, which are characterized by their flexibility which makes them adaptable to the most diverse needs. These urgent loans can be requested by all those who have demonstrable income: not only employees, but also self-employed workers and pensioners.

As regards interest, the TAN changes according to the number of installments established for repayment.

For those who want to benefit from maximum speed, the reference choice is the Duttilio mode, which allows – among other things – to skip an installment in case of need (as long as the first three installments have already been paid). The installment jump, scheduled at most once a year, is an opportunity that deserves to be considered, as well as the possibility to change the installment amount according to your preferences, both upwards and downwards. bass. This change, however, is granted only from the seventh installment onwards and in total three modifications are allowed for the entire duration of the loan.

4) Bankate Click loans

4) Bancoposta Click loans

Finally, the list of urgent loans also includes Bankate Click loans, the result of the collaboration between Poste and Astro finance. This funding can be requested directly online and all procedures can be performed via the web, taking advantage of the reliability and security of the digital signature.

As for the amounts, the maximum amount foreseen is 30 thousand USD, while the limit of duration is set at 108 months, that is to say 9 years.

Furthermore, each month the customer can choose to change the amount of the installment : a faculty that can be exercised free of charge, without spending a cent, in the name of maximum flexibility.

Not only that: customers are also allowed to decide to postpone the payment of a certain number of installments, postponing them to the conclusion of the loan. In short, also in this case the installments can be varied or skipped, with the advantage of completely free operations, without any commission applied.

A further strength of this loan is that it can be requested not only by those who have a Bankate current account, but also by those who do not have it: by everyone, in short (but online opening is reserved only for holders an account).


Who is looking for ad hoc solutions, has the possibility to find the most suitable formula for their needs quickly and easily: the market, from this point of view, offers a wide range of choices, which are worth advantage.