YouTube Music is coming to some older Wear OS watches – but there’s a catch

Finally, good news for the owners of some current Wear OS smartwatches.

Google has confirmed that it will launch its YouTube Music app for older Wear 2.x devices.

To recap, Google is now focusing on Wear 3.0, which was launched on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and announced for select devices, including Fossil Gen 6, TicWatch Pro 3, and E3. However, the update will not roll back to other existing Wear OS devices.

As part of Wear 3.0, Google is revamping apps and services, including its music offering. But YouTube Music was not included in a blog post about services moving to Wear 2.0, leading to speculation that it would not be supported.

But two months later, Google confirmed it would – sort of. There is a catch.

Google has confirmed that YouTube Music will be rolled out to devices that will receive Wear 3.0, namely the Fossil Gen 6, TicWatch Pro 3, and E3.

This is good for these users, but not so good for the rest of the Wear OS military.

Google has indicated that other existing Wear OS smartwatches will have access to the app, but did not disclose which or when.

Indeed, Wear OS is now a two tier platform. Legacy devices end up with limited support and no access to some of the best apps. And all the focus is on newer devices, and those running Snapdragon 4100 that will eventually be upgraded to Wear 3.0 sometime in 2022.

Of course, Spotify launched its upgraded app with offline sync for all Wear OS users. So anyone with a Wear smartwatch can simply use it instead.

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