What to expect from Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022

Until relatively recently, the wristwatch industry had few predictable times throughout the year when members of the industry could meet to do business and new products would be released to the public. In 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the two main Swiss watch fairs – SIHH and Baselworld – took a break to restructure and were unable to resume due to restrictions related to pandemic events. Since then, watch brands have scrambled to make sense of the new landscape of industry shows while peppering the news with new watch releases and sporadic events to meet customers and colleagues.

Image from the previous edition of Watches & Wonders Shanghai.

In 2022, it seems that a renewed sense of structure is returning to the European luxury watch industry, of which de facto the epicenter continues to be Geneva, Switzerland. From the end of March 2022, Watches & Wonders Geneva will open its doors to watch industry professionals, including the aBlogtoWatch team. This is the first major watch fair since the end of the SIHH and Baselworld, but it is not the only time watch brands have invited retailers and the media to meet them in Geneva. Led largely by LMVH’s Bulgari, “Geneva Watch Week” was a less formal gathering of at least a dozen brands privately flaunting across the city during the COVID-19 pandemic. aBlogtoWatch participated in the event, which was largely devoid of people from outside mainland Europe.

While virtual events and meetings have characterized the day-to-day running of many companies in the watch industry as elsewhere, the industry seems to have collectively agreed that in-person events are not only very important for business, but also for investment. to rally once again in 2022 and beyond. This makes sense because, to a large extent, the luxury watch industry is a social and party industry and relies on these experiences and events not only to sell products but also to conduct business.

The landscape of Swiss watch fairs in 2022 is made up of relatively fresh names. “Watches & Wonders” is not a brand new name, but it has never been used to describe an event in Geneva. A new event taking place at the same time during Watches & Wonders in Geneva is Times To Watches (which will take place at the HEAD design school in Geneva). Watches & Wonders began as a sort of spin-off show from the SIHH, which held editions in Miami, Florida, and Hong Kong, Shanghai and Hainan, China. From now on, the name Watches & Wonders will be used in all events organized by the organizing body the FHH (Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie), whether in Switzerland or elsewhere.

The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) traditionally represented the brands of the Richemont group, as well as a few other high-end brands that are members of the FHH, and was held for several years in January of each year. The SIHH is transformed into Watches & Wonders with new dates at the end of March, for the beginning of April. (These dates are similar to the dates Baselworld used to hold in the Swiss city of Basel.) Watches & Wonders will still be held in the lobby of the Geneva Palexpo convention center, located next to Geneva airport. New for 2022 is a major expansion to the show which now includes a number of brands that were previously exhibited at Baselworld. That said, there are still plenty of companies and even entire luxury groups that don’t yet have a trade show environment they plan to attend. Notable names include the Swiss Swatch Group, as well as the three major Japanese watchmakers, including Casio, Citizen, and Seiko (apart from Grand Seiko, which will be at Watches & Wonders).

While the past few years have been characterized by intermittent watch releases and unpredictable meeting opportunities, it’s aBlogtoWatch’s prediction that the coming years will see more order and less chaos on these fronts. Brands will continue to expect media coverage of new releases throughout the year, but product releases and meeting events will require more regularity for the myriad commercial interests in the industry. watchmaker have the comfort of investing. So what to expect from Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022?

What to expect from the Watch News brands of Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022

It would be really easy if the number of brands that aBlogtoWatch would encounter in Geneva were limited to companies exhibiting at Watches & Wonders. In fact, like previous SIHH week events, the city of Geneva will be packed with spaces showcasing one or more watch brands hoping to grab the attention of retailers, media and consumers alike. In addition to Watches & Wonders, there will be at least one other official show event happening around the same time in town. Watches & Wonders will take place from March 30 to April 5, 2022 at Palexpo, and near the city, Time To Watches will take place from March 31 to April 3, 2022 on the campus of the design school HEAD.

Watches & Wonders alone will have 38 participating brands, including prominent ones previously from Baselworld, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Chopard, Hublot, TAG Heuer, Tudor and Chanel. The complete list of brands exhibiting at Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022 is below:

  1. A. Lange & Söhne
  2. Baume
  3. cartier
  4. Chanel
  5. Chopard
  6. Grand Seiko
  7. Hermes
  8. Porthole
  9. IWC Schaffhausen
  10. Jaeger Lecoultre
  11. Mont Blanc
  12. Oris
  13. Panerai
  14. Parmigiani Fleurier
  15. Patek-Philippe
  16. Piaget
  17. Roger Dubuis
  18. rolex
  19. TAG Heuer
  20. You sleep
  21. Ulysses nardin
  22. Vacheron Constantin
  23. Van Cleef & Arpels
  24. Zenith
  25. Angelus
  26. Armin Strom
  27. Arnold and son
  28. Cyrus Geneva
  29. Czapek & Cie
  30. Ferdinand Berthoud
  31. H.Moser & Cie.
  32. Laurent Ferrier
  33. Louis Moinet
  34. Rebellion Watches
  35. Ressence
  36. Rudis Sylva
  37. Sailor-Speaker
  38. Trilobe

Time To Watches will include nearly 30 other watch brands, including but not limited to: Corum, Sinn, Lous Erard, Reservoir, Chronoswiss, Raketa, Frederic Jouvenot, Pequignet, Perrelet, Vulcain, Anonimo, Milus, Mauron Musy, Klokers, and more. Bulgari is notably absent from the list and will likely hold its own event in town. There are also a number of Geneva brands such as MB&F and FP Journe who are likely to appreciate their spaces to visitors to the city. In total, no less than 100 watch brands will present their novelties at the end of March 2022 in and around Watches & Wonders 2022 Geneva.

Will it be different from other shows in the watch industry?

Not really, but here’s what Watches & Wonders has to say. According to the show organizers, Watches & Wonders will be a hybrid between a physical and digital show. Watches & Wonders Geneva 2021 was effectively a purely digital show that attempted to replace in-person meetings with virtual press conferences and digital media kits. It was the best that could be done, but few people really considered it a professional salon experience. Since a number of people around the world will still not be able to physically attend Watches & Wonders Geneva, the organizers of the show are trying to put as many as possible online in the form of videos, images, interviews and information. The problem is that at this point, these are just promises, and it’s hard to imagine them actually being kept.

In fact, it’s the traditional role of media such as aBlogtoWatch to digitize the trade show experience for everyone who can’t attend the trade show. It’s not an easy process, and most members of the trade media agree that trade show organizers will still need to rely on guest media such as aBlogtoWatch to properly promote information released at the show to consumers and trade. General public.

It’s also worth noting that Switzerland recently removed most of the “sanitation” rules related to COVID-19 and that Watches & Wonders will operate much like traditional trade shows, without masks or other occupancy limitations. space. It will be up to individual participants to decide on their own health risk mitigation measures. Otherwise, aBlogtoWatch and its media colleagues expect a relatively similar experience in Geneva at the SIHH, but with many more brands and during a warmer time of year.

Can the public take part in Watches & Wonders Geneva?

Watches & Wonders does not have an audience participation option, although the SIHH used to have “public days” at the end of a few select shows over the years. Baselworld was the exception to the norm, allowing members of the public to purchase (not cheap) tickets for most days of the event. Time To Watches is offering a single public day option on April 3, 2022, with pre-sale tickets costing 50 Swiss francs each for adults.

It is unknown if other events around Geneva may be open to the public, but generally most events are by appointment only. If you are a brand customer or a VIP customer, you will probably have been invited to Watches & Wonders or other events around the city of Geneva. For the majority of watch enthusiasts, the best way to see the latest watches and new releases at Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022 is via aBlogtoWatch.

How to follow Watches & Wonders Geneva with aBlogtoWatch?

The aBlogtoWatch team will be present in Geneva for the duration of Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022. Our main priority will be to cover all the exhibitors of the Watches & Wonders event, then use all the free time to see who else we can meet in Geneva. Chances are that the aBlogtoWatch team will meet all the big brands and even Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, who has some interesting news to share with the wristwatch community.

aBlogtoWatch will cover Watches & Wonders in a few key ways – first and foremost, the latest news on watch releases and hands-on coverage of the latest products via posts right here on aBlogtoWatch.com. The @aBlogtoWatch and team members’ social media handles will be great places to see immediate coverage and reactions to the latest products, as well as get a feel for what the show is like. aBlogtoWatch will also be recording a number of audio interviews from the stage to produce a new Spending Time Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022 podcast series which will begin to be released in the weeks following the event.

Be sure to also check out the aBlogtoWatch YouTube channel for how-to videos and other Watches & Wonders new product and personalities previews. News of the fresh products to be launched at Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022 will start rolling in the week or so before the show, around March 20. The aBlogtoWatch team will gather in Switzerland in the days leading up to the official start of Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022, which will take place from March 30 to April 2022. See you there! Follow us for the latest watch news and reviews.

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