Urgent loans: 4 quick solutions

1) Urgent loans – immediate online

1) Urgent loans - immediate online

Among the various types of urgent loans, immediate online ones are appreciated – as their name suggests – for the speed of disbursement that distinguishes them: the money requested, in fact, is generally granted within 24 hours.

It is, as you can guess, of forms of financing that have the purpose of satisfying the requests of those who, suddenly, find themselves dealing with an unforeseen expense that cannot be postponed.

Given the particular type of loan, the sums that are disbursed are limited and cannot exceed the threshold of 10 thousand USD: clearly, the applicant is required to provide guarantees regarding the personal economic situation. In this regard, the institution that grants the money could request the latest paychecks, in the presence of employees, or the latest single model with chamber of commerce registration, in the presence of freelancers.

2) Urgent loans – quick changes

2) Urgent loans - quick changes

Fast loaned loans can also be counted among the most convenient and most interesting urgent loans from a practical point of view.

They are called fast precisely because those who request them are sure to find the desired money in their account within 48 hours at the latest.

Their mechanism, in fact, is characterized by rapidity and simplicity, based on the bill of exchange, which obviously is the main guarantee of financing.

In the event that the customer does not provide for the repayment, the credit institution is not required to follow the traditional bureaucratic procedure relating to the good-natured recovery, but has the right to proceed with the forced attachment of the goods.

3) Fast personal loans from Agos

3) Fast personal loans from Agos

In the review of urgent loans, an honorable mention goes to Agos personal loans, which are characterized by their flexibility which makes them adaptable to the most diverse needs. These urgent loans can be requested by all those who have demonstrable income: not only employees, but also self-employed workers and pensioners.

As regards interest, the TAN changes according to the number of installments established for repayment.

For those who want to benefit from maximum speed, the reference choice is the Duttilio mode, which allows – among other things – to skip an installment in case of need (as long as the first three installments have already been paid). The installment jump, scheduled at most once a year, is an opportunity that deserves to be considered, as well as the possibility to change the installment amount according to your preferences, both upwards and downwards. bass. This change, however, is granted only from the seventh installment onwards and in total three modifications are allowed for the entire duration of the loan.

4) Bankate Click loans

4) Bancoposta Click loans

Finally, the list of urgent loans also includes Bankate Click loans, the result of the collaboration between Poste and Astro finance. This funding can be requested directly online and all procedures can be performed via the web, taking advantage of the reliability and security of the digital signature.

As for the amounts, the maximum amount foreseen is 30 thousand USD, while the limit of duration is set at 108 months, that is to say 9 years.

Furthermore, each month the customer can choose to change the amount of the installment : a faculty that can be exercised free of charge, without spending a cent, in the name of maximum flexibility.

Not only that: customers are also allowed to decide to postpone the payment of a certain number of installments, postponing them to the conclusion of the loan. In short, also in this case the installments can be varied or skipped, with the advantage of completely free operations, without any commission applied.

A further strength of this loan is that it can be requested not only by those who have a Bankate current account, but also by those who do not have it: by everyone, in short (but online opening is reserved only for holders an account).


Who is looking for ad hoc solutions, has the possibility to find the most suitable formula for their needs quickly and easily: the market, from this point of view, offers a wide range of choices, which are worth advantage.

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