These are the best Timex watches for men in 2021

It’s easy to accumulate a tantalizing cart balance when shopping for watches. Swiss made watches with perfect mechanical complications and inlaid bezels certainly don’t come cheap, but it’s a myth that all beautiful watches come at a high price. We could put together a hundred point list as to why you don’t have to spend a lot on your watch to make it count, from buying used to looking for budget alternatives, but after reviewing the latest offer of Timex, we thought we’d let the king of affordable watches do the talking instead.

Founded in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company, Timex revolutionized the world of personal timekeeping. While other watchmakers sought to make something luxurious and expensive, Timex chose to do something for the people. By 1901, the company had perfected the pocket watch at just a dollar a coin, making it the go-to option for the general public. 50 years later, one in three watches sold in the United States was a Timex.

Today, some 150 years after its inception, Timex has retained its place among the world’s favorite watchmakers. How? ‘Or’ What? Its latest collection tells you everything you need to know. From archival dive designs to luxury chronographs, there’s a Timex for every wrist and they look darn more valuable than their price tags suggest.

Below, we’ve rounded up six of the Timex watches that caught our eye this season. With a price tag ranging from just $ 165 to $ 348, this is a master class on how to get all the grades on your watch set without breaking the bank. You were told it was possible.

Shop the best Timex watches of 2021 below.

Q Color 40mm

Waterbury Classic 40mm

Dive watch Q

Waterbury Traditional GMT 39mm

M79 40mm watch

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