The watches we’ll be wearing this summer

If you collect watches, chances are your morning routine will include choosing which watch you want to wear that day. Do you like to take a moment of reflection to finish this Rolex? Maybe the Seamaster on a NATO feels good today? Or looks better than the G-Shock with your outfit? I admit it – most of the time I just prefer to have something handy. A watch that keeps ticking while I sleep soundly, waiting for the moment when I flee out the door in an attempt to avoid the traffic piling up between me and Highway 75.

I can always rely on my Q Timex. If you haven’t guessed it already, the Q is for Quartz. Not every day is this fast and furious, but regardless, I love not having to set the time. As I enjoy the summer months, I find myself wearing the Q Timex more and more. The integrated styling, the way the stainless steel hits the sunlight, and the white dial are sleek, sporty, and elegant. So it pretty much works with any activity I want to do. And, every once in a while, with a slight smile, I spot HODINKEE on the dial and remember that I still have a lot of work to finish.

It’s my everyday watch, my favorite watch (that I own), and now it’s my summer watch: the Q Timex HODINKEE Limited Edition.$189 (sold out)

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