The watches promise a distinctive scent of Japan for the wrist

In many places, midsummer in Japan doesn’t necessarily smell good, even in corners where summer smells bad. A Japanese manufacturer wants to counteract this with special watches that allow Japan’s distinctive smell to be accepted everywhere.

At least that’s the idea behind the new “Kaoru” line from watchmaker Maruzecki. The new models are available in seven colors. Each is fitted with a rubber strap with one of seven iconic Japanese fragrances. The soft pink sakura clock has a lovely floral scent reminiscent of cherry blossoms blooming in spring.

More than just stylish watches

The matcha version releases a rich, if slightly bitter aroma, reminiscent of a comforting cup of green tea or the popular matcha ice cream in the summer. Japanese cypress is known for its pungent smell, which can also be found in bracelets. The scent is also said to calm the nerves and ward off insects. The Tsubaki watch has a subtle camellia scent, which many people find very appealing. The Yuzu watch knows how to lift your spirits with the invigorating aroma of citrus fruits. Yuzu fragrance is also used in many Japanese bath additives for this reason.

The Waboku model smells like ink pads used in Japanese calligraphy. Many Japanese consider hearing this smell with nostalgic tendencies, but this is intentional, as many people ultimately have fond memories of their school days. The Ginkgo clock exudes the scent of freshly burned agarwood, which is still lit today in temples and shrines during certain ceremonies. Either way, watches are a delightful gadget for the summer and the perfect souvenir for visitors to Japan to take a piece of the country home with them.

The perfect souvenir photo: Murazecki

Direct shipment via Japan Post

Maruzecki watches are shipped directly by Japan Post, from where “Kaoru” watches can also be ordered directly. Swiss Post ships all models in attractive gift boxes that have their own visual appeal. Normal versions cost 3,200 yen (about 23.50 euros) each, special variants with more complex dials and, for example, the Doraemon app cost between 3,600 yen and 4,400 yen (27 euros – 32 euros).

However, color-odor combinations are not fixed. Some retailers offer fixed arrangements, for example Tokyo watches with yuzu scent and Maiko models that smell directly of Maruzaki’s Tsubaki. The technology for all watches comes from Seiko Epson, with all parts, including the strap, being made directly in Japan.

Japanese watches may be a new trend. Image: Murazecki

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