The first Fossil Gen 7 watches may have just arrived at the FCC

The first Fossil Get 7 watches may have just been discontinued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Two models have been registered with the regulator as DW15F1 and DW15S1. The first is a Fossil smartwatch, the second a Skagen.

Almost every year, the company releases another generation in its series of smartwatches. We are now six. Around September, the devices usually start to drop.

The latest generation brought the 4100+ processor which allows for much better performance, Bluetooth 5.0 support, more accurate heart rate tracking, SpO2 sensor and fast charging. Internal memory has also been upgraded to 8GB from the 4GB across the board.

Some had hoped Gen 6 would see the debut of WearOS 3.0. It will happen again. However, Google’s new operating system is not yet available to everyone. We expect that to happen in the coming months.

First look at Fossil Gen 7 devices?

It’s reasonable to expect Gen 7 to come with Google WearOS 3.0 pre-installed. Of course, that depends on when these watches actually see the light of day. Probably in the summer or early fall, as we had a few Fossil devices registered with the FCC yesterday.

Most of the documentation is behind a confidentiality clause, so there’s not much to infer from their technical specs. Interestingly, the clause expires on June 20, implying that we might get the next-gen a bit earlier in the year, which is usually the case. Perhaps an unveiling at this point with actual availability starting in July or August.

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The arriving watches bear the monikers DW15F1 and DW15S1. Considering that the generation 6 of the Fossil watch carries the number DW13F1, it is reasonable to expect it to be generation 7. The DW15S1 refers to a Skagen smartwatch. The Danish outfit is under the Fossil Group umbrella.

Documents at the FCC show the following information on the electronic label.

The documents state that the two models are “electrically identical” and that “different model names are for marketing purposes.” No real surprise, as this is typically the case with Fossil watches of the same generation.

There’s speculation that we might get a bigger AMOLED display this time around, increased water resistance, as well as the next-gen fitness sensors. Larger capacity batteries would also be nice.

We will continue to dig. Hopefully more information about the Fossil Gen 7 watches will be revealed in the near future.

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