The best watches to collect in 2021, according to experts

Matt Hranek, author of “A Man & His Watch,” and Henry Flores, founder of the Classic Watch Club, talk about their favorite watches and what to buy now.

Omega Speedmaster (left), $ 24,600; Rolex Submariner, $ 9,500
NY Post composite photo

My first watch: A Sears Winnie the Pooh watch given by my grandmother when I was about 5 years old. I still have it, but unfortunately it’s way too small even for my tiny wrist.

Why wearing a beautiful watch is important: It kind of tells the world how you want to be seen.

Advice for first-time buyers: Buy the best thing you can afford, don’t compromise.

Best watch to offer: I always seem to give my wife watches that I want to wear too, like Cartier Santos from the 1980s and Rolex Datejusts from the same period.

Best watch to start a collection: My first watches were Swatch and I still have them, but my first “serious watch” was a Rolex which was left to me when my father died. Just collect what you like, whether it’s expensive Swiss watches or cheap plastic Japanese watches.

Celebrity Watch Icon: Jerry lewis [inset above], who had an epic Cartier collection.

Look at you covet: I like watches designed for a specific purpose: the Rolex Submariner, designed for divers, or the Omega Speedmaster because they were on the wrists of astronauts and racing pilots.

Best Watch Screen Cameo: The watches in “Apocalypse Now”. You have Martin Sheen in a very cool military-style Seiko, and Brando wears a Rolex GMT, which are two iconic watches of the time.

Favorite Watch Book: I’m sure my editor wants me to say “A man and his watch”.

Grand Seiko, $ 4,550;  TAG Heuer Carrera 1964 Heuer Re-Edition Chronograph
Grandiose Seiko (left), $ 4,550; LABEL Heuer Carrera Chronograph 1964 Heuer Re-Edition
NY Post composite photo

My first watch: A TAG Heuer Carrera 1964 Heuer Re-Edition chronograph [left]. I have always been a car fanatic and was fascinated by everything about racing. The Carrera owes its name to one of the deadliest races, the Carrera Panamericana.

Why wearing a beautiful watch is important: It can be enjoyed a lifetime and passed on to the next generation.

Advice for first-time buyers: Buy something that you enjoy and won’t be too obsessed with staying a virgin in case you hit a door jam. Stay modern, because the world of vintage watches can be difficult to navigate.

Best watch to offer: Usual suspects such as Rolex Submariner, Rolex GMT, Omega Speedmaster, Seamaster or even a Grand Seiko would be great.

Best watch to start a collection: A hand-wound watch, because it establishes a more personal bond with its owner.

Celebrity Watch Icon: Steve mcqueen [inset above] would look cool in any watch – but the fact that he wore a Rolex 1655 Explorer II, a Rolex 5512 Submariner, and a Heuer Monaco made these watches cooler by association.

Look at you covet: A Royal Oak Audemars Piguet in 41 mm.

Best Watch Screen Cameo: The parts worn in “Ford v Ferrari”: the character of Matt Damon in a Heuer 30 Reference 7753 SN while the character of Christian Bale wears a Heuer Autavia Reference 2446. I loved that they were parts from era.

Favorite Watch Book: “History of the Swiss Watch Industry” by Pierre-Yves Donzé.

Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Minute Repeater Supersonnerie watch, price on request
Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Minute Repeater Supersonnerie watch, price on request
NY Post composite photo

Italian financier who jumps between Milan and Miami, this famous collector publishes updates on his ultra-rare pieces to 104,000 subscribers.

Personal style: In Miami? Lululemon Joggers, Balmain T-shirts and Air Jordan 1 Retro High Dior [sneakers]. In Milan ? Classic jeans, shirts and shoes.

First watch: When I was 16, I made deliveries for a grocery store to buy a Bulova, which looked a lot like a popular watch at the time, the Breitling Chronomat.

Number of watches: I have always focused on quality over quantity. Today I have a few Rolexes, a few Patek Philippe’s and a few others.

Preferred complication: I am in love with the big bell.

Watch icon: Gerald Genta [inset above] was truly one of the greatest watch designers of all time, the genius behind many of the most famous and enduring models that have become the basis for the success of several brands including Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Cartier.

Recent purchase: A Rolex Day-Date made in 1984 for Qaboos, the late Sultan of Oman. It’s amazing, with a rainbow bezel, and on the back there’s the Khanjar [crest of the Omani royal family]. It is one of the rarest Rolexes ever produced.

Favorite travel watch: Sorry to disappoint you, but I never wear my watches.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust 18k yellow gold watch, $ 27,600;  Cartier Tank Française watch in steel and yellow gold, $ 6,500
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust watch in 18k yellow gold (left), $ 27,600; Cartier Tank Française watch in steel and yellow gold, $ 6,500
NY Post composite photo

The former Sotheby’s staff member started Dimepiece – focused on collectors – seven months ago, and has already garnered 16,000 Instagram followers.

Personal style: I love the look of prep school, “Gossip Girl”. I rarely wear a lot of designer clothes, but when I do, everything is second-hand. I love my mother’s Chanel 80s double breasted jacket.

First watch: To celebrate my 31st birthday last May, I just received my first luxury watch: a small Cartier Tank Française in steel.

Number of watches: Six, including Cartier’s. Not bad for a girl who has just started collecting, right?

Preferred complication: Who wants to take me in their sports car to see a Rolex Daytona in action on the racetrack?

Watch icon: Mary-kate olsen [inset above] – I feel like I grew up with her. In the beginning, the Olsens were known to have popularized great men’s watches, and now she takes a more refined route with a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date on a “President” bracelet – she even wears it when attending events. horse races. I am obsessed.

Most recent purchase: The Rolex Lady-Datejust.

Travel watch: I’m in LA right now, and heard that there had been a lot of theft of watches. I try to keep a low profile, so I like my steel Cartier because it’s the most discreet

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