The best solar watches for men 2022: 18 watches to energize your summer outfits

The best solar watches not only offer no dead batteries, they are also some of the most stylish (and wallet-friendly) watches on the market. Although solar-powered watches were first introduced in the 70s as an upgraded version of the cutting-edge digital watches of the time, the idea of ​​powering a watch entirely using ambient light has not lost an ounce of appeal over the past five decades; Quite the opposite, in fact. As watch brands strive to make their products more eco-friendly, reducing reliance on disposable batteries has led to a bumper crop of stylish solar-powered watches, from beefy G-Shocks to dressy Seikos and classic divers.

The move to solar isn’t just happening at the entry level, either. Cartier released a solar-powered version of its iconic Tank in 2020, and this year TAG Heuer introduced its very first solar-powered diver’s watch, the Aquaracer Solargraph. But with long waiting lists for the Cartier, and the TAG not expected to hit stores until later this year, there are still plenty of other stylish ways to board the solar train. Keep scrolling to see all the models we’re feeling right now – the absolute best solar powered watches on the market right now – then enjoy the satisfaction of never having to buy another watch battery again.

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