The best diamond watches for men

Guys love their rough tool watches and their patina, but also their fancy and shiny watches. Masculine bling in the form of polished steel or gold is perfectly normal, it seems, so why are stones like diamonds overwhelmingly limited to ladies’ watches? Can a mineral be inherently feminine? We’re just talking about one type of rock, and it’s the 2020s – genre norms beg to be challenged and transcended.

So, you must be asking yourself: what do you think of men’s diamond watches?

The very idea of ​​a distinction between men’s watches and women’s watches is increasingly outdated. Usually defined by size, brands are increasingly selling watches labeled “unisex” (not particularly useful), but segmentation of collections by gender is still typical. Many watch fans wear watches ostensibly designed for men and feel frustrated that so many products presumably designed for them feature stereotypical designs like flowers, butterflies, pinks, purple, and, yes, diamonds. diamonds. Men’s diamond watches, however, remain scarce, so why shouldn’t non-compliance go the other way as well?

It turns out that these attitudes are more relevant in some countries than in others, and that men’s diamond watches are relatively popular in much of the world (although there are also many sold in places. like the United States). We see celebrities dressed in crazy ‘iced out’ suitspave watches and the like, but for more ordinary people, there is no reason that an interesting material should not be offered as an option as long as it is tastefully incorporated.

Why would you want diamonds on your watch? Diamonds do several things: they sparkle like crazy and they communicate value (you knew that). But they can also add interest to a watch in several ways. First of all, these are just objectively cool objects to look at closely and represent natural phenomena that every science enthusiast should appreciate – being the hardest natural material known, formed in crazy conditions over millions of years. , miles underground. The rarity and remarkable level of purity of gem-quality diamonds also makes them fascinating and gives them intrinsic value.

In addition to these physical properties, the selection, size and setting of diamonds represents exactly the kind of craftsmanship and craftsmanship that watch enthusiasts tend to appreciate in other forms. This means that there is more value and cost associated with a diamond watch than just the diamonds themselves, but also be aware that precious materials in general serve as an excuse for brands to raise prices even more. If you are interested in a watch with diamonds, here are some things to consider and some options:

carats: In diamonds, carats (also carats and abbreviated c, k, ct or kt) refer to the weight of the mineral, with one carat equal to 0.2 grams. Note that this is different from precious metals like gold where the term refers to purity.

Natural vs synthetic: Artificial diamonds are physically and chemically equivalent to natural diamonds, but they are grown in the lab and are more common and affordable. Avoid any uncertainty about the authenticity or origin of diamonds by purchasing directly from brands or authorized dealers.

Ethical sourcing: There are international processes to address the environmental and ethical sourcing of diamonds. Brands and authorized resellers must include language in their sourcing documents and be able to provide it upon request.

Casio Vintage Collection A159WAD

You probably didn’t expect to see something like this here. In Casio’s Vintage collection of classic digital watches there are some special editions that are made in Japan and has two small ones, Natural diamonds as accents above and below the screen. Casio also distinguishes these models with a different crystal from the typical flat type and features facets as if to echo those of diamonds.

Diameter: 36.8 mm
Movement: Quartz

With Citizen’s light-powered Eco-Drive line, you can get a solid and practical watch with eight diamonds on its dial – and without the luxury prices associated with automatic movements that otherwise make watches like this expensive. Diamonds add a touch of pizazz to this beautiful everyday watch, make it a little more special.

Diameter: 41mm
Movement: Citizen Eco-Drive quartz

Rado HyperChrome Classic Automatic Diamonds

The tasteful diamond hour markers on this subtle Rado watch don’t look too picky or fancy at all – although they add around $ 500 to the price of a similar model without diamonds. The watch is even more interesting because it offers a case and a bracelet combining elements of steel, titanium and ceramic. Other versions are also available, including one in 35mm.

Diameter: 42mm
Movement: ETA C07.111 automatic

It’s probably more like what you expected to see here. Rolex has an in-house gemology department and like everything the brand does, its selection and setting of gemstones is among the best of any watch. Any Rolex watch is kind of flex anyway, but something like this Datejust in steel and white gold with nice cut diamonds on the dial is another level. (The same configuration is available in 36mm.)

Diameter: 41mm
Movement: Rolex 3235 automatic

Omega De Ville Treasure

$ 11,800.00

Omega’s DeVille Tresor collection is home to some of the most elegant dress watches available. Rather than on the dial (like in the examples above), Omega places diamonds all around the bezel – lots of them. Although housed in a stainless steel case, this is an extremely beautiful example of a traditional style of men’s watch enhanced with diamonds in a natural way.

Diameter: 40mm
Movement: Manual Omega 8910

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