The best aviator watches for men to buy


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A watch, you might say, is an overlooked wardrobe staple that doesn’t get the love it deserves, and that goes for even the best aviator’s watches. Like other staples for men you might have in your wardrobe, aviator watches have been purposefully developed, with more bells and whistles than the average watch, a more complicated dial, and more features. to help pilots navigate the sky. Today, rugged aviator’s watches are still focused, very useful, and still stylish.

What we’re trying to say is this: If you like collecting and scouring the world (or just your web browser) for the best watches, you definitely need an aviator’s watch (even if you’re not. not pilot). These types of watches are especially handy if you travel frequently, and they will also keep you in the know if your schedule is busy with simpler but still faster commutes. A watch with so many features can also be worn in many different style situations. After all, the best variations of the style use neat details and classic looks that can even be paired with your favorite costume. To help get you started on your journey, here are the best aviator watches to buy right now.

Best Aviator Watch Overall: Jack Mason Avigator Aviator Watch

Jack mason

For not a lot of money, you get a crisp, classically designed aviator’s watch from the hardworking team of Texas-based Jack Mason. Grab this timepiece the next time you hit the road.

Best Classic Aviator’s Watch: Hamilton Khaki Aviator Pilot Pioneer Watch

Best classic aviator watch for men.

Hamilton has been making watches that are trusted from generation to generation, and that philosophy does not abandon this classic homage to the old-fashioned pilot’s watch. Note the distinctive design of the dial and the sturdy fabric strap.

Best luxury aviator’s watch: Longines Aviation BigEye Chronograph

Best luxury aviator watch for men.

Longines offers the ultimate in luxury watches, including this bold and visually striking timepiece. Trust us when we say the investment is worth it.

Best Stainless Steel Pilot’s Watch: Oris Big Crown ProPilot Watch

The toughest pilot's watch to buy right now.

Oris combines affordable luxury with top-notch performance, and this durable stainless steel pilot’s watch is the best example of that.

Most Functional Pilot’s Watch: Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk Watch

Best functional aviator watch for men.

This Citizen Eco-Drive watch is both iconic and highly functional, like adding another dimension of utility to your watch collection. It’s packed with features that are perfect for the best aviator’s watches on the market.

Other aviator’s watches we love

Alpina Swiss Startimer Pilot Watch

Best Stainless Steel Aviator's Watch To Buy Now.

With a clean and simple face, this Alpina watch is more than it looks. Swiss construction and subtle styling stitches, along with an ideal mix of features, make this one a winner in our book.

BOSS Chronograph Pilot watch in brown leather

Best aviator's watch in brown leather.

Mounted on a beautiful brown leather strap, this rugged yet refined pilot’s watch is the type of aviator’s watch you can wear with a classic navy suit for a truly timeless style.

Timex Chronograph Quartz Watch

Robust and affordable aviator watch for men.

Timex makes some of the most trusted and reliable men’s watches on the market, and this chronograph watch is no different. It’s a real bargain, packed with the best features you need in an aviator’s watch.

Torgoen T9 black GMT pilot watch

Best GMT pilot watch for guys.

Built on a durable black strap and featuring an easy-to-read dial, this pilot’s watch gets your money’s worth. It is a high quality watch from start to finish.

Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Seiko

Best Chronograph Pilot's Watch To Buy Now.

Part of the usefulness of aviator’s watches is that they are designed for everything. This Seiko watch is packed with specifications that make it easy to travel in any time zone.

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