The 7 Best Sports Watches for Men in 2022

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LIKE SUNGLASSES and a wisely chosen pair of shoes, wristwatches have long been a staple of men’s fashion. A good watch says a lot about a man, after all. A state-of-the-art smartwatch from Garmin or Polar hints at a man who loves his gadgets as much as his workouts. A high-end watch like Breitling or TAG Heuer reveals someone with great taste and plenty of disposable income. Whereas a classic Timex wristwatch might denote a no-frills, no-nonsense man who appreciates function over flash.

Somewhere between simple fashion watches (with little or no wireless connectivity) and cutting-edge smartwatches lies the sports watch. They’re generally more rugged, durable, and functional than a traditional timepiece, but perhaps not as feature-rich as a full-fledged smartwatch. They’re designed for the active man who relies on health metrics — heart rate, sleep tracking, and workout progress — as much as environmental information (think altimeters, barometers, and GPS sensors), but who may not need all the bells and whistles.

There are hundreds of great sports watches on the market and dozens of new models launched every year. The most basic models, like Timex’s classic Ironman sports watch, are extremely simple to use and feature only the essentials, like lap tracking, chronographs, multiple alarms, and some degree of water resistance. water. More advanced models, like Garmin’s vívoactive 4 sports watch, add smartwatch-like features like crisp AMOLED displays, stress monitoring, GPS sensors and app connectivity for taking calls and stream music from your smartphone.

Ready to improve your wrist this year? There are thousands of watch models to choose from, and there is no best sports watch. It all depends on what you like and how much you are willing to spend. We’ve narrowed down our list of favorites to the best of the best sports watches for men worth checking out in 2022.

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Ideal for everyday use


Vívoactive 4 sports watch

Battery life Up to eight days in smartwatch mode
GPS? Yes
Waterproof? Yes, 50 meters

Ideal for outdoors


Regulus Expedition A1324 sports watch

Battery life 2+ years
GPS? Nope
Waterproof? Yes, 100 meters

Best budget option


IRONMAN Original 30 Shock Sports Watch

Battery life 2+ years
GPS? Nope
Waterproof? Yes, 200 meters

Ideal for runners


Forerunner 255 GPS Running Sport Watch / Smartwatch

Battery life Up to 14 days (in Smartwatch mode)
GPS? Yes, with dual-frequency GNSS support
Waterproof? Yes, 50 meters

Best Apple Sports Watch


Apple Watch Ultra Sport

Battery life Up to 36 hours
GPS? Yes, dual frequency
Waterproof? Yes, 100 meters

Best High End Sports Watch


STAINLESS STEEL Mechanical Watch

Battery life Indefinite (no battery required)
GPS? Nope
Waterproof? Yes, 200 meters

Best Luxury Sports Watch

TAG Heuer

Connected caliber E4

Battery life More than 48 hours
GPS? Yes
Waterproof? Yes, 50 meters

What is the best sports watch to buy?

Regardless of your budget, even a moderately priced sports watch is a decent investment. Buying one means comparing a ton of technical features and jargon, so it pays (literally) to know what you’re looking at and how to find the best sports watch for you. you. It starts with knowing your budget. Decent budget sports watches start under $100, while the world’s best sports watches cost $10,000 or more. For most active users who train a few times a week, you probably don’t need to spend more than a few hundred dollars on a sports watch that meets your needs.

Once you know the price range you’re shopping in, you’ll want to think about how you’ll be using the watch. Different sports require different characteristics. Scuba divers, surfers, and beachgoers will need a water-resistant or completely waterproof sports watch (ideally up to 50 meters or more). Hikers, climbers and campers will want an extremely rugged, GPS-enabled sports watch with built-in maps. and navigation, and possibly even solar-powered (to last indefinitely when away from civilization). Runners and cyclists will want to keep a close eye on key body metrics like heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and distance and speed from their workouts (which typically requires GPS connectivity).

If you like a variety of sports or are just getting into the world of sports watches, we highly recommend the Garmin vivoactive 4 sports watch. It balances a great list of features with a sturdy, modern design and a decent price for to start up.

What exactly is a sports watch?

The term “sports watch” is not well defined, but it generally refers to any watch that most would not consider a dress watch. They are generally designed for active pursuits including running, biking, hiking, mountaineering, scuba diving – you get the picture. Most multisport and fitness smartwatches are technically considered sports watches, although not all sports watches are smartwatches. To confuse matters even further, many high-end and ultra-luxury brands – think Breitling and Rolex – are also technically sports watches. But, almost anyone who spends thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on such a watch is probably not taking it snorkeling.

What sports watch do athletes use?

The best sports watch for athletes largely depends on their favorite sport. For casual athletes (who train almost every day), the Garmin vívoactive 4 sports watch is our top pick. It’s a well-rounded men’s sports watch with plenty of smartwatch features. Most runners will love Garmin’s Forerunner 255, our top pick for its incredible feature set, great looks, solid connectivity options, and most importantly, price. For athletes who have already bought into Apple’s ecosystem, there’s simply no better sports watch than the flagship Apple Watch Ultra.

We’ve researched dozens of the best-selling men’s sports watches available right now. That meant comparing models from cutting-edge brands like Garmin and Suunto, classic stalwarts like Timex, and high-end watchmakers like TAG Heuer. We’ve taken note of everything, including specs, durability, build quality, water resistance, overall aesthetics and, of course, price. The list above represents our honest picks of the best sports watches for men in 2022.

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