The 20 best watches we found at Nordstrom in 2021


Yes, let’s go straight to the cliché: watches are timeless.

Whether you’re dressing up for a candlelit dinner with your SO or hitting the stores for early Black Friday deals, a watch is versatile, practical, and a centerpiece that will elevate your look.

Just like your favorite mini bag or trench coat, the best watch for you is probably an investment. Maybe you are looking for the next transferable family heirloom or looking for a designer piece of jewelry to easily dress up a t-shirt and jeans.

Whatever your motive, we bring you the best watches we’ve found at Nordstrom that are absolutely perfect for holiday gifts this year too.

From classic Daniel Wellington faces to high-end Versace classics, we’ve covered all the best finds for men and women. Notably, we have selected some of the best wristwatches if the jewelry style is your pride and joy, the best leather strap watches, sports watches and even rectangular head watches.

So yeah, we’ve taken a page from the Goldilocks notebook to provide you with the Biggest, Smallest, In-between, and, oh yes, the Fabulous.

Here are the 20 best watches you can buy from Nordstrom right now:

I gave my dad and boyfriend a Daniel Wellington watch on special occasions and they are always a hit. The Small Evergold Mesh Strap Watch has the classic DW face we all know and love, and the polished bezel accessory is also available in a bundle with a DW bracelet for $ 219.

Fossil Gabby Watch with Leather Strap (34mm)

As one of the more affordable models on this list, the Fossil Gabby Watch with Leather Strap is a great option that will go with just about any outfit. Plus, we’re digging into this dark gray and rose gold hybrid.

Movado Bold Verso wristwatch (42 mm)

Let’s talk about sharp, baby. The Movado Bold Verso wristwatch is an elegant, clean and minimalist display, featuring a sunray dial and the emblematic point of the museum. Madness for sure, but a beautiful one indeed.

Tissot PRC200 Chronograph Leather Strap Watch (41mm)

The Tissot PRC200 Chronograph Leather Strap Watch is a daring beauty who would look like dynamite with a dark gray suit or one dress shirt. With an alligator embossed leather strap and sportier madness, this is the perfect on-sale watch to steal.

Kate Spade New York Metro Watch with Round Leather Strap (34mm)

Kate Spade New York is a leading designer for lovers of delicate gold jewelry, and her Metro watch with round leather strap is a nice addition to associate with the brand Huggie dangling pearl earrings and Disco Pansy Pendant Necklace.

Plus, it features a matching brown leather strap and gold detailing that will make you want to know what time it is every minute.

Missioni M331 wristwatch (41 mm)

Uniquely crafted with a stunning forest green face, gold accents and a stainless steel bracelet, the Missioni M331 wristwatch is infallible madness that will turn heads. Its unique pattern motif and timer border are also nice touches.

MVMT Element wristwatch (43mm)

As a new model of MVMT, its Wrist watch element is the definition of luxury with her brushed gold and black makeup. It’s a nod to the minimalist aesthetic that’s strong, dark, and beautiful.

Versus Versace Griffith Chronograph wristwatch

Another wrist candy in gold and black, the Versus Versace Griffith Chronograph wristwatch features a bold, thick and finished finish. With geometric sub-dials, a bold serrated bezel, and iconic lion-head medallions, it’s a new find.

Tissot Everytime wristwatch (30 mm)

Lover of silver jewelry? The Tissot Everytime wristwatch is a relatively affordable, delicate and iconic emblem to pair with your favorite silver hoops Where diamond nails. Not to mention that it has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal dial.

Fossil Forrester Chronograph Leather Strap Watch (46mm)

Navy blue and brown leather? Color us classic, crisp and versatile. Fossil Forester Chronograph Leather Strap Watch is fully functional, takes inspiration from the vintage vibe, and features topstitched and burnished edges to give it a “warmer” look, according to the brand.

Movado Bold Mesh wristwatch (42 mm)

Gold on Gold on Gold is the name of the game for the Movado bold mesh wristwatch. It’s a timeless piece – yes, we’ve said it again – that you’ll wear on every special occasion and is so sleek and clean you’ll want to wear it with the simplest looks too.

Breda Jane wristwatch (23 mm)

For $ 150, you can’t go wrong with this precious Breda Jane wristwatch, with the most delicate and elegant oval face we have ever seen. With a mother-of-pearl dial and a clean look, this is the perfect wrist accessory to flaunt on the way back to the office or as a gift to a friend.

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch with Leather Strap (36mm)

With a black strap and white dial, you couldn’t be more inspired by the 50s. The most classic than ever Classic DW Sheffield Leather Watch is purely graceful, sophisticated and slender, making it ideal to wear with your favorite blazer or bodysuit.

Versace Code wristwatch (41mm)

Meet the most expensive watch of this edition, but also one of the most impressive. that of Versace Code wristwatch is Swiss made with Greek keys, chains and a mythological jellyfish, all around screaming “power”.

And, just look at that dreamy bronze shade.

Michael Kors Parker Blush Acetate Link Chronograph Watch (39mm)

Michael Kors is popularly known for his magnificent line of watches, with his Parker Blush Chronograph Acetate Link Watch no exception. It’s all you want on your wrist: a rose gold brand with a feminine twist, rose gold paired with Swarovski crystals, and the sought-after trio of watch faces near the hands.

That said, it’s one of our favorite gifts for the holidays (just under $ 300 too).

Boss Commissioner Leather Strap Watch (42mm)

The Boss Commissary Leather Strap Watch is a beautiful yard of brushed ocean blue, gold and dark brown leather. Plus, its clean design and radiant yet slender calm make it look manner over $ 245.

Versace Virtus Mini wristwatch (28mm)

Gone are the days when you had to choose between gold and silver jewelry. It’s metal mix season, baby, and Versace’s Virtus Mini wristwatch is the perfect item to show off your love of two tones.

With a polished multi-tiered bezel and a glossy, luxurious texture, this is a watch that you will wear all your life and is certainly worth it.

Olivia Burton Classics rectangular bracelet watch (20 mm)

Yes we found a dupe for the popular Michèle watches, with the price reduced by more than half.

Olivia Burton’s Classics rectangular wristwatch is a good option for anyone who likes a sleek, seamless and minimalist look, especially those who like to pair watches with a diamond pendant.

Tory Burch The Slim Strap Watch (22mm)

Keep things thin and mostly all black with Tory Burch’s The slim wristwatch. True to its name, this is a basic stopwatch that features gold detailing for embellishment. In addition, it will look great with the clothes of the brand gold bracelet.

Michele Deco Sport watch head and silicone strap (34 mm x 36 mm)

With a stunning face and unisex style, Michele’s Deco Sport Watch Head & Silicone Strap is a pretty navy blue and gold pair with a crocodile embossed silicone strap (interchangeable with other bands Michele 18mm) and mineral crystal face.


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