The 10 Best G-Shock Watches: From CasiOak to Urban Utility

In the age of the nearly unobtainable MoonSwatch and Rolex waiting lists that last for years, it’s easy to forget that watches are meant to be fun. Unless, of course, you’re already the proud owner of a Casio G-Shock. So you always knew.

Originally created by Japanese designer Kazuo Ibe in 1981 with the aim of creating the toughest watch the world has ever seen, the ambition of the G-Shock has extended far beyond its original mantra. withstand a 10 meter drop and 10 bar underwater pressure, and operate for 10 years without the need for a new battery. There are now over 200 models in the range, many of which prove to be just as iconic as many timepieces ten times as expensive. For a more than stubborn poppy look to withstand the great outdoors (or a boozy vacation), there’s simply no better. Hell, put one of these indestructible charmers in the deceptive light, and you might even be inspired to get out and explore a mountain or two.

If you’re used to an Apple Watch-esque pebble sitting on your wrist, a G-Shock will feel chunky, but deceptively light. These 50mm+ murderers pack a lot of charm, cementing their lasting appeal. From resin-resistant digital retro to samurai-inspired metal, we’ve found the coolest wrist warriors available today. Dive into the manga-cool world of Casio and find your new summer favorite while you’re at it.

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