Ten of the best vintage watches on sale right now

Sometimes you see a watch at auction that makes you think 🤔 – “How could this not be the most publicized watch on the auction?” and yet, it just isn’t. This Day-Date at Phillips is so – because on the surface it’s a real sacred shiz effing watch, but like any great watch, it’s all relative.

So this is one of our famous stainless steel Day-Dates from the 1970s. All of you. surely know that the Day-Dates are the absolute flagship model of Rolex and as such, are, to date, the only model not offered in stainless steel. So one would think that seeing a steel one would ring the alarm bells for any serious Rolex collector. And it is, but only to a certain extent. This is because while these watches are certainly very real, they are prototypes often given to longtime watchmakers, and because they are prototypes never intended to be sold, they do not have a number. series. That alone makes it a very difficult sale to a large percentage of serious watch buyers. When they arrive – and they do – they sell around $ 150,000, which on the surface looks like a flight (for steel).

But there is more to the story. These steel Day-Dates were made in the 1970s and they all feature Roman dials – arguably the least desirable configuration for a Day-Date – and, the point is, there are other Day-Dates out there. steel. And they’re older – typically found in the reference 6511, dating from the 1950s – and they’ve been sold to the public, which means they have serial numbers, and they often have black dials. They exist in places you might imagine them, and one has even been found in recent years with the crown on the left! So, in the grand scheme of Steel Day-Dates, pieces like this one at Phillips aren’t what you’re looking for – but rather a standout piece in Rolex history. When you find the other older Steel Day-Dates, you can be sure that they are selling for a multiple of the 100,000 to 200,000 CHF that Phillips set for it. a.

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