Some still use traditional watches

September 14 – Apple Watches debuted in 2015, and since then Samsung, Fossil, and other companies have tried to keep pace. This left traditional jewelers thinking about the future of the watch industry.

As sales of smartwatches are on the rise, jewelers are finding that new technology is not completely replacing traditional watches.

Kyler Arnell, who works at Meigs Jewelry, owns an Apple Watch, but he also keeps four or five traditional watches at home.

“There is something in a classic watch. You put it on and you feel good,” he said. “I have a few watches that my father gave me. This was before the days of smartwatches. He also gave me one of his father’s watches.”

For Arnall, the transmission of watches serves to help connect with those you love.

“Every man should have at least one watch. It’s a great gift. Wives will give their husbands a watch and have it engraved on the back. A watch can mean a keepsake. Many people buy it for graduation ceremonies. and weddings. ” he said.

Another big advantage of using a classic watch is that it doesn’t drain the battery quickly and some of the newer watches run on solar power so they don’t lose power at all. their load.

“When they’re fully charged, they can last nine months without going back to the sun,” Arnall said.

Currently, Meigs sells Prospex watches, which run on solar power. They are also traditional chronographs, which allow people to measure time, like a stopwatch.

“Guys love Prospex and all,” said Chris Perry, sales associate at Meigs.

She also found that age plays a role in which customers will buy which watches. Older customers tend to go for classic watches, especially 14k gold plated watches, and younger people prefer leather straps and colorful faces, like green and black.

Meigs offers Seiko watches, which have been around since 1881 and originated in Japan. They retain the brand because of their durability and reliability.

Mason Peery is a second year student at NSU who works at FIT. Many athletes prefer to wear smartwatches because they can track a person’s steps and calories.

“It’s because I really enjoy working out, and I like to track my workouts and see how many calories I burn in a day. It helps me with my nutrition, whether I’m trying to gain weight or lose weight. I know how many calories I need to eat. It’s also easy to tell the time. That’s why most people wear watches, “said Peery.

In addition to workout tracking, users can send text messages, edit their music, use it as a phone, and use an assortment of apps.

For those who wear smartwatches, it’s important that they don’t forget to charge their phone every night.

“I have the Apple Watch 3, and it will do a full charge in a day. If you forget to charge it, you won’t be able to use it,” Arnall said.

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