So how do you get Kawasaki x Seiko LSA watches?

Seiko is known for doing collaborations here and there. Indeed, the brand is not afraid to touch different sectors of culture as illustrated by its recent work with the Street Fighter franchise among others. The duo of brands offers a collection of two pieces, but how to go about it?

According to the posting on the Kawasaki Plaza website, first contact the venue in advance to ask if the item is available in stock, then the issue becomes transportation. Either drive to Japan yourself and pick up the watch, or you can have it shipped to a location. Either way, it will be a trip to bring a piece back to the United States.

Still, for die-hard Kawasaki fans, the trip might be worth it because of the details incorporated into the parts. Let’s be clear, none of the watches are haute horlogerie, but they are well built and should last a long time since they are a Seiko.

Kawasaki x Seiko LSA
Kawasaki x Seiko LSA

This “LSA” collaboration marks the first meeting between the two brands. And the model first went on sale in 2020. Kawasaki is known for many other industries besides motorcycles, which include land, sea and air vehicles, hence the acronym LSA. The watch face is inlaid with an airplane, boat and motorcycle at the 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. The watch also has a date complication at 3 o’clock.

Kawasaki x Seiko LSA
Kawasaki x Seiko LSA

As for the color and layout of the dial, the model features a similar look to the Seiko Alpinist, featuring a sunburst green dial with gold inserts and a leather strap similar to the iconic model. The watch is also water resistant to a hundred meters, so you can ride with it in the rain, although the leather strap may not agree.

Kawasaki x Seiko

The second model in the collection is limited to just 998 pieces. Its pattern is inspired by the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, which features prominently on the dial. It is a diver’s watch that has a water resistance of 200 meters. Each part is numbered and also features motorcycle-specific design features, such as a used piston-shaped counterweight.

Kawasaki x Seiko LSA
Kawasaki x Seiko Ninja ZX-10R

It’s going to be hard to get hold of the Ninja ZX-10R part, the LSA collaboration is not limited and there is no mention of it being discontinued at this time. As for the retail price of each coin, the LSA can be purchased for ¥63,800 with tax, which translates to approximately $466 USD. Meanwhile, the limited model retails for 74,800 yen, or about $550 US.

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