Seiko Unveils New Limited Edition Presage Cocktail Time STAR BAR Watches

As one of the biggest watch manufacturers in the world, Seiko is no stranger to collaborations and limited edition pieces. Seiko watches can draw inspiration from everything from natural landscapes to children’s television shows, and among the various Seiko watch collections there is one that draws inspiration from the world of mixology and finely crafted cocktails. The very first Seiko Cocktail Time watches debuted in 2010 as a JDM-exclusive release and quickly gained a cult following among collectors. Seiko clearly recognized the popularity of the original models as in 2017 the brand unveiled a new range of Cocktail Time watches; however, this time it was released as part of the larger Presage collection and was also made available to international markets. Each Seiko Cocktail Time watch features a dial inspired by a different drink and for 2022 Seiko has created two new models inspired by the cocktails of Hisashi Kishi, the owner of STAR BAR and the first bartender to receive the “Contemporary Award”. Master Craftsman”, who created these original cocktails to recall the vibrant but traditional city of Tokyo.

Officially known as the Seiko Presage Cocktail Time STAR BAR Limited Edition SSA455 and SSA457 watches, the two models feature identical stainless steel cases measuring 40.5mm in diameter by 11.6mm thick, with a width of 20mm lug and an overall lug-to-lug distance. 47.5mm. Likewise, both models feature box-shaped Hardlex crystals above their dials, signature push-pull style winding crowns located at the 3 o’clock position, and screw-down casebacks that provide them with resistance to water 50 meters. The overall look of the exterior cases of these two new limited-edition Seiko STAR BAR watches will be instantly familiar to anyone who has handled previous Seiko Cocktail Time models, and it offers a traditional dress watch aesthetic with contemporary size and proportions. . This fairly minimalist case style also serves as the perfect canvas to showcase the watch faces, which are the real stars of the show on the various models in Seiko’s Cocktail Time series.

Equipped with a textured silver dial with slight yellow and green undertones, the Seiko SSA455 is inspired by one of STAR BAR’s signature cocktails called “Illumine”, which features a crisp, crisp flavor profile with a sweet yellow color that serves as inspiration for the dial of the watch. The other model is the Seiko SSA457, which is also based on one of STAR BAR’s signature cocktails called “Red Brick”, and it features a deep crimson dial that similarly matches the color of the drink on it. serves as inspiration. Despite their different colors, the two new Cocktail Time STAR BAR dials feature the same skeleton pattern, with arc-shaped cutouts radiating outward from the location of their balance wheels. Besides letting you see more of the movement, the skeletonized design is meant to resemble the ripples on the surface of a freshly poured cocktail. While both watches receive the exact same style of dauphine hands paired with pointed indexes, the textured off-silver dial of the Seiko SSA455 is fitted with components that have a traditional white metal finish, while the Seiko SSA457 has hands and golden finishes. hour markers on its dark purple surface.

Although they are limited edition models, the two new Seiko Presage Cocktail Time STAR BAR watches are positioned as entry-level Presage models and are therefore powered by Seiko’s Caliber 4R72 automatic movement. A single-time movement that includes the added conveniences of hacking and hand-winding, the Seiko 4R72 is similar in overall functionality to the rest of Seiko’s 4Rxx movement family, and the caliber 4R72 operates at a frequency of 21,600 vph with a power reserve of approximately 41 hours. With that in mind, unlike some of the more common movements in the popular Seiko 4Rxx family, the Cal. 4R72 features a partially skeletonized design with a gold finish as it is intended for use in watches that have a skeletonized dial and case back. The two new Seiko Presage Cocktail Time STAR BAR models are completed with calfskin straps fitted with push-button deployment clasps, with the SSA455 receiving a black strap, while the SSA457 receives a dark brown one.

Much like the drinks themselves, some of Seiko’s Cocktail Time watches will naturally appeal to you more than others, but that’s part of the fun of collecting. Whether or not you personally wear a specific model, it’s always fun to see how Seiko reinterprets different alcoholic beverages as watch faces, and the concept has resulted in some truly beautiful and interesting creations over the years. The Seiko SSA455 “Illumine” and Seiko SSA457 “Red Brick” will both have an official retail price of $595and the two new Seiko Presage Cocktail Time STAR BAR watches will be produced in limited editions of 5,000 each, with availability from October 2022. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.

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