Seiko unveils 5 limited edition SRPJ19 and SRPJ20 sports watches in collaboration with HUF

One of the greatest strengths of the modern Seiko 5 Sports range is its versatility. Since its reinvention in late 2019, the brand has taken this entry-level series to new heights using its SKX diver-style design as a platform for creativity. This familiar base can be anything from a classic diver to a wildly colorful and textured homage to “Street Fighter” characters without losing its core DNA, allowing the collectible line to suit almost any taste. . Streetwear has been one of the line’s strongest recurring themes, complementing the rotating stable of wilder collaboration designs with a steady stream of fresh, youthful interpretations inspired by urban fashion. Seiko’s latest collab brings the 5 Sports back to those stylish streetwear roots with a pair of designs created in partnership with famed skateboarding apparel brand HUF. With muted earth-tone colorways and funky custom touches throughout, the limited-edition Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ19 and Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ20 offer two of the most mature and stylish streetwear entries in the brand’s current lineup.

Like the rest of the Seiko 5 Sports series, the Seiko SRPJ19 and SRPJ20 start with 42.5mm stainless steel SKX-style cases. While these dimensions appear on the larger side on paper, Seiko’s clever case geometry should make these cases much smaller than the numbers suggest. The first reason for this is also the simplest – the lugs are short with a pronounced downward curvature, which leads to a short overall length on the wrist. Second, the Series 5 Sports’ polished cup-shaped case undercut gives this case a much smaller contact area on the wrist than a more conventional 42.5mm design, while providing an organic contrast. rounded with the radially brushed surfaces at the top of the horns. . All of these should be familiar to fans of the brand, but these two new designs incorporate new cues into the base layout. The Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ19 brings a new earthy colorway to the familiar unidirectional diver’s bezel, splitting between dull olive and a deep khaki brown tone. For the SRPJ20, the brand takes a bolder stylistic direction, with an all-gold finish including a radially brushed gold monochrome bezel insert. Both models also add a signature HUF touch to their case backs. Rather than the usual transparent Hardlex display window, Seiko tints the case back in HUF’s trademark green as a subtle and stylish nod to the brand. Like the standard 5 Sports, the SRPJ19 and SRPJ20 are rated for a decent but unspectacular water resistance of 100 meters.

As with the cases, Seiko keeps the dials of the 5 Sports SRPJ19 and SRPJ20 close to the line’s traditional look while adding some thoughtful stylistic tweaks. The SRPJ19’s deep black main dial, distinctive arrow handset, and applied diver indices are all series staples, but Seiko ties this dial to the model’s overall leafy theme with measured pops of color. A contrasting outer chapter ring in sand beige brings warmth and variety to the layout of the images, while the distinctive counterbalanced seconds hand adds a shock of yellow-green energy to the equation. The vibrant lime green HUF emblem at 6 o’clock completes the ensemble, bringing an eye-catching touch to the dial without completely disrupting the understated presentation of the watch. The SRPJ20 takes a bolder and richer visual approach, with a dark emerald green dial surface and gold handset. Seiko completes this dial with a unique custom set of beveled applied indexes, moving the SRPJ20 away from its diver’s watch-inspired visual cues towards something significantly dressier in the initial images.

Seiko powers both the 5 Sports SRPJ19 and the SRPJ20 with its in-house 4R36 automatic movement. The 4R36 is the backbone of many of Seiko’s more affordable offerings, and while it lacks some of the sophistication of its more high-end stablemates, it still offers a reliable 41-hour power reserve at a premium rate. beat of 21,600 bph. As you’d expect at this entry-level price, the 4R36’s finish is functional and no-nonsense, with simple vertically brushed bridges and a matte sandblasted winding rotor. However, the green-tinted case back on these models helps hide some of that visual simplicity in the images, giving the movement below a sense of character and depth. Seiko complements the leafy, earthy 5 Sports SRPJ19 with an olive green NATO strap to match the bezel, reinforcing its outdoor feel in the images. For the SRPJ20, the brand is instead turning to a high-impact brushed gold-tone three-link stainless steel bracelet.

With polished streetwear looks and clean executions, the limited edition Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ19 and Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ20 reinforce the series’ skate fashion credentials in impressive and thoughtful ways. Only 1,000 copies of the Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ19 will be made, while the Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ20 is even more limited to just 300 units. Both models will be available from select authorized retailers in the United States in May 2022. The MSRP of the Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ19 is $380 at press time, while the Seiko 5 Sports SRPJ20 carries a price tag of $420. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.

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