Seiko 5 watches are under $ 200 at Macy’s on Black Friday


A watch is a sign of the times: it is literally a tool that displays the time. But knowing anything beyond that – which brands are good, how much is too expensive, what features you need – can seem daunting. Most people aspire to wear something prettier than a Casio Calculator watch, but without the hefty price tag of a Rolex. But there’s a huge range between a $ 15 drummer and a $ 15,000 Diamond Jubilee.

Seiko is thankfully at the bottom of the price scale, but at the top of the performance scale. And getting an automatic Seiko for under $ 200 is practically stealing. But you will pay! It will not be illegal!

Seiko 40mm Stainless Steel Automatic Men’s Wristwatch for $ 188.80

40mm Mens Automatic Stainless Steel Wrist Watch


$ 295.00

At this Macy’s Black Friday sale, a slew of Seiko 5 automatic watches sell for under $ 200, including the 43mm Stainless Steel Strap Sport Watch for $ 176 for the extra-wrist type (43mm is a fairly large watch).

5 Sports Automatic Men's Watch 43mm Stainless Steel Strap

5 Sports Automatic Men’s Watch 43mm Stainless Steel Strap


$ 176.00

If you know next to nothing about watches, “automatic” refers to how the watch is powered. The movement of your wrist activates a rotor that automatically winds it. This differentiates an automatic watch from a quartz movement watch, which is powered by a battery.

Yes, that’s right: the Seiko 5 is not powered by a battery. And for a little more, you can also get one with a mesh (Milanese) bracelet. Rather classy!

5 Sports Men's Automatic Stainless Steel Mesh 42.5mm Wrist Watch

5 Sports Men’s Automatic Stainless Steel Mesh 42.5mm Wrist Watch


$ 224.00

Traditionally, Swiss watchmakers receive all the attention for their craft. But Seiko is from Japan, which also has its own rich history of craftsmanship. Seiko has been around since 1881 and introduced the world’s first quartz watch with a chronograph complication. All that to say: his watches are well made and well respected, and for around $ 200, but you can wear one proudly.

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