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Seiko. Rolex. Omega. Casio. Timex. They are household names in watches, known for producing some of the most iconic models on the market. Seiko, Timex and Casio in particular are all considered heavyweights when it comes to relatively affordable watches, but that is also changing, with Seiko in particular moving upmarket rapidly in recent years. However, there is one affordable watch brand that has remained relatively stable, offering completely original designs at a price almost anyone can afford.

Enter East. A subsidiary of the Seiko Epson company, Orient does its own thing in every way, with a noticeably different design language, completely original movements, and incredible value for what you end up buying. Orient produces field watches, dress watches, dive watches and bizarre retro reissues as well as some of the most popular brands, so far this company truly offers something for everyone.
Here are some of our favorite Orient watches for sale at Jomashop.

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Price: now $189.99, was $341.99
Seller: Jomashop

A diver’s watch in an unusual color with an in-house movement, sapphire crystal and completely original styling for less than $200? Say it’s not! The Kamasu is a winner for almost everyone thanks to its popular size, timeless style and a new petrol blue colorway that stands out from the more popular black, blue, orange or any other color that Rolex is trying to popularize today that other companies like to copy. . The watch measures 42mm in diameter, is big and proud of your wrist without being too ridiculously huge, and there’s a healthy aftermarket of straps and bezels if you want to tinker and make it your own.

Price: now $315, was $599.99
Seller: Jomashop

This watch made our list of the best dive watches under $500 and for good reason: this thing is big, bold and stylish like a G-Shock, but it’s also an ISO-certified mechanical diver’s watch that hits the mark. well above its weight. I personally own this watch, and love the brutal, murderous style while enjoying the subtle color accents that elevate it above just being a mechanical G-Shock tool watch. It has a sapphire crystal, a soft rubber strap and is officially certified as a diver’s watch, which means it can accompany you everywhere, whatever the mission.

Price: now $359.99, was $615.99
Seller: Jomashop

The Orient Star is the company’s “Deluxe” brand, taking an affordable model and adding a touch of class and pizzazz to put them on par with Seiko’s “Presage” line or even some Swiss brands. Orient Star watches knock it out of the park every time, and this Orient Star Classic is no exception simply because a two-tone white dial dress watch looks amazing no matter who you are. This one also stands out from the rest by featuring good light, a power reserve indicator and, in a first for the Orient Star Classic line, sapphire crystal, making it something that will look great on the wrist of anybody.

Price: now $620, was $1,284
Seller: Jomashop

Your favorite rappers, movie stars and athletes probably wear at least an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Richard Mille or Hublot Big Bang. The problem with all of these watches is that they cost at least as much as your average American car, and most people just can’t afford them. But if you like the skeletonized dial, brutal all-steel construction and screw-down bezel of those more expensive options, Orient has your back. It’s a watch that says “look at me” in all the right ways, a decidedly modern, urban and surprisingly complex model worthy of your wrist. The dial is multi-layered, the movement pierces through the surface, and yet it houses the same high-quality Orient Star movement as the previous watch on this list, showing that beauty isn’t just skin deep.

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