Products of the week: Happy Gilmore Collab, NASA watches, Sparkling Tonic

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Every week, our inbox is filled with news on gear, clothing and tech news from around the world. In this feature we will analyze the best of them. Today: a collaboration celebrating the 25th anniversary of Happy Gilmore, Swatch watches inspired by NASA spacesuits and the sparkling alcohol-free tonic.

Extra butter

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the classic Adam Sandler film Happy Gilmore, New York-based streetwear label Extra Butter has teamed up with Adidas for a collection of limited-edition pieces paying homage to the 1996 golf film. From hats and sweatshirts to shorts and slides, the collection’s pieces are designed for embody the personality of each of the three main characters of the film, Chubbs Peterson, Shooter McGavin and Happy Gilmore. The collection fell on Friday and it’s selling faster than the Gilmore opening came off the tee in the movie.


Db The Duplex

The Scandinavian brand formerly known as Douchebag (now simply Db) has released what it sees as “the next evolution of the rugged duffel bag,” The Duplex. Hoping to bypass the pitfalls of adventure bags like their difficulty in transporting and lack of organization, Db designed the Duplex with a hemispherical design, split function and organized compartments, so you can carry and find what you are looking for with facilitate.


Swatch x NASA Space Collection

Following on from its previous collaboration with NASA Space Station, Swatch has added three XL watches to the collection: the Extravehicular, the Launch and the Spacesuit. Inspired by various space suits worn by astronauts, the watches range from patriotic red, white and blue iterations (in homage to the iconic white space suit) to bold orange numerals that match the Advanced Crew Escape suit, with each watch featuring a metal case. bioceramic and bio-sourced Plastic glass.


Greats The Classon utility slide

After slipping into the slipper category during the colder months, sneaker brand Greats is here to offer a few new options for those still looking for the perfect summer footwear. The name Classon is given to two sets of slides and two sets of sandals, available in all black or a mixture of black and cargo green. With velcro and buckles, these are stronger than your standard thongs but still allow you to breathe.


Hamilton Khaki Field

Some say the bronze watches of recent years are just a trend, others say the material has permanent roots in the industry (the new Tudor Black Bay Unlimited adds credibility to the latter), but so far we have respected everyone’s personal decision to abstain. Then this week, Hamilton unveiled its very first bronze case on – what else? – their timeless Khaki Field Mechanical. Is there a more perfect match or entry point into the category? We can’t think of one. If you haven’t been sold on bronze yet, take a look.

Tree fever

Fever-Tree Distillers Cola

Put down the Jack and Coke. This new cola is made with Caribbean cola nuts, Tahitian limes from Mexico, and a selection of distilled herbs and spices (like Jamaican pepper berries and Madagascar vanilla). And it’s been specially designed to be blended with alcohol – it says rum and whiskey on the label, but feel free to try it with tequila or any other spirit you like. High tasting, decidedly not too sweet and very “clean” (no corn syrup or artificial sweeteners here).


PUMA x Château Blanc

As part of a larger collaboration with a number of brands in honor of its 100th anniversary, White Castle enlisted the help of basketball players at PUMA to create a pair of suede shoes embellished in the color blue and white. familiar sliding chain. palette and also featuring images of the famous burger castle we all know and love.

Stadium goods

Stadium Goods x Chaco Chillo slides

Just in time for toboggan season, Stadium Goods has teamed up with Chaco to reinvent the latter’s Chillos sandals. Keeping the contoured LUVSEAT arch support and EVA midsole and outsole that make the pair so comfortable, the ‘Bits & Bobs’ slides feature multi-colored adjustable nylon straps (the colors inspired by classic sneaker designs ), printed with Stadium Goods branding in black and white. Think of them as the perfect sandals for any sneaker enthusiast.


hiyo sparkling social tonic

Whether alcohol isn’t your thing in general or you’re just looking for a good alternative to add every now and then, it’s nice to see people providing a 0% ABV substitute aside from your typical sweet mocktail – bevvie-on-the-block’s new alcohol-free hiyo features a suite of “organic adaptogens, natural nootropics and functional herbs” to improve mood more naturally. A recent testing session gave positive results – after a few cans we found that it provides a nice, low-key floating buzz that’s pretty darn nice and doesn’t come with a hangover attached. Not to mention the fact that all three flavors (Peach Mango, Ripe Lemon, and Watermelon Lime) are tasty and each has only 25 calories. Let’s drink to that.


Nixon light wave watch

Our single-use anti-plastic good faith is well established, a position we feel quite comfortable with considering that a single plastic bag lasts TWENTY TWO MILLION TIMES longer than usual usage time. Thus, we are very present for the efforts of Nixon on the front of recycled oceanic plastics, as more recently evidenced by their new Light Wave sports watch which includes both a case and a bracelet made from oceanic plastics recovered by the tide (two bottles for each watch) as well as an advanced solar panel integrated into the dial which eliminates the need for disposable batteries. It should also be noted that it is comfortable, light and very durable for your various outdoor activities to enjoy the land you are helping to save.

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