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Buying a good watch for you could be one of the best moments of his life and to make it more special, you need to choose the right one. A wristwatch, whether analog or digital, is a thoughtful gift that will serve you well all day long. Plus, learning to organize and value your time is one of life’s most important lessons. Giving your child a watch is a wonderful way to instill a healthy respect for time. Children can learn to tell time using watches, whether simple or feature-rich. You’ll help them make better decisions about how and where to spend their time if you instill an appreciation for life in them.

Here are 8 of the best premium watches for kids


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Start with this list of the best premium watches for kids, here is this Lacoste Kids analog watch. This Lacoste analog watch is made of plastic that won’t cause any harm to your child’s soft skin. Its tested plastic material is soft inside. In addition, its bracelets are made of silicone which will surely be soft to the touch. Also, as we all know, kids like to keep their stuff tough and because of that, their stuff usually doesn’t last too long, but that won’t be the case here.

This Lacoste watch is solidly built and will surely last a long time even after not being perfectly maintained.

Moving ahead on the list of the best high-end kids digital watches, next up is this wonderfully designed blue colored Sonic the Hedgehog watch for kids. Plus, this blue Sonic Kids digital quartz watch is stylish and eye-catching, ensuring your child will always be the best among their friends. Plus, speaking of functionality, this premium Sonic kids watch is digital and has a quartz movement which ultimately makes them both simple and fun for your kids to use.

The dial and display of the watch are complemented by a hedgehog printed blue rubber strap. Plus, this premium Sonic digital quartz kids watch features a beautifully sealed and protected 32mm case. It comes in excellent packaging, which also makes this watch a perfect birthday present for any child.

Next on the list is this beautifully designed pink colored watch for kids. This Disney watch is exclusively designed for kids who love Cinderella. A cute Cinderella image on the dial which goes perfectly with the pink color strap makes this watch worth a watch for your kids. The outer dial also features the traditional clock digits from 1 to 12, which will surely help your kids understand the time better.

Both stems are also accurately marked with hour and minute labeling.

Zoop Cars Analog Blue Dial

Speaking of some of the best and most stylish high-end watches for boys, this Cars Analog Blue Dial Watch from Zoop might be the perfect choice for your child. This bold, blue watch from Zoop features the evergreen print from the movie ‘Cars’. This watch has a red color car made on the face of this dial that will surely drive your kid crazy.

In addition to its great design, this watch is also very durable with stainless steel and black painted silicone straps.

Alps children’s watch

Moving ahead on the list of best digital watches for kids, consider this Alps multi-function watch that will surely make your kids happy. This Alps watch comes with several functions such as LED backlight, digital time and date displays, 12 and 24 hour clock, alarm and stopwatch. Moreover, the strap of this beautiful digital watch in green color is made of high quality PU leather, which ultimately makes this watch soft, comfortable and shockproof and will surely be very comfortable on your child’s wrist.

Plus, its buckle design on the strap will allow for quick and easy size adjustments.

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Hanposh Blue Analog Kids Watch

Next on this list of the best kids watches is this Hanposh Blue Analog Kids Watch. Hanposh has created this exclusive blue color watch for kids with pure craftsmanship that makes this watch comfortable and well-designed. Made with a high quality PU strap that will be super soft on your child’s wrist, it comes with a white color dial made of glass mineral resin that makes this Hanposh watch very durable even when used roughly.

However, unlike other watches at this price point, this Hanposh watch is water resistant. In addition, to make life easier for your children, it also has a minute indication on the dial.

FEMBW Sports Digital Chronograph Watch

Speaking of this basic yet unique watch from FEMBW, this beautiful watch from FEMBW comes at a very affordable price with the best functions in the segment. This simple-looking white color watch has many hidden functions that your child will surely love to explore. This digital watch offers the best display in its class with a 7-color background display that will surely fascinate your children.

In addition, this FEMBW 44 mm case offers an elegant and sporty look and its silicone-based straps make it very comfortable on your children’s wrists.

Casio Girls Analog Blue Dial Watch

Casio is one of the best watchmakers in the world, especially when it comes to durability. Casio watches are known for making watches that last longer than others. And yet, this Casio kids watch won’t let you down when it comes to durability either. This black colored Casio watch has a solid black colored strap and a black dial with a hint of yellow and blue texture drawn on the inside. It has three dials inside the main dial, one of which displays the days of the week and the other for the stopwatch.

Moreover, gifting this black watch to your kids will surely make them cool and stylish among their friends.

Children’s watches – FAQs

  1. When is it appropriate for me to buy a watch for my child?
    Most children begin to take clock reading seriously around sixth grade. This process will be much easier if you choose a model with an easy to read dial and readable numbers. The kids watch is a great educational tool to teach others how to tell time.
  2. Is the Apple Watch suitable for children?
    The Apple Watch’s phone and messaging features make it a useful tool for children to communicate with their parents. This is especially beneficial for children who spend more time away from home, such as at school or with friends.
  3. Should I offer a connected watch to my child?
    Smartwatches allow parents to communicate with their children and track their whereabouts without being intrusive. They are a much more reliable way to monitor your child’s movements and activities due to their portability and GPS capabilities.


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