Personalized Watches: What You Need to Know Before Personalizing Your Luxury Timepiece

Made-to-order is the pinnacle of luxury, and it’s no different when it comes to watchmaking. Limited editions may be desirable, but there’s nothing quite like owning a watch that’s truly one of a kind and carries its own specific ideas in terms of design, is there?

Sure, high-level customization has been around for a while in the luxury watch scene, but it’s pretty much the preserve of customers who are high-profile VIPs. Until not too long ago, that is, with the arrival of independent boutiques specializing in giving timepieces the aesthetic modifications that their owners wanted to see.

We areIt’s not just about choosing a dial treatment and watch strap in your favorite color – these specialists can even go so far as to change the dial, skeletonize a watch so the movement is visible, engrave the entire strap or set the case with all the jewelry you want on it, provided you’re willing to spend on the service.

The creative possibilities are amazing and range from subtle to flashy and bold, matched with a high quality finish. Unsurprisingly, such personalized efforts have ruffled quite a few feathers in the still largely traditional watch industry and raised the eyebrows of watch purists. However, nothing prevents them from being noticed, both by watch collectors and by the major players in the trade.

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