No, these are not the Fossil Gen 7 Wear OS watches

Before a device is released, companies must obtain approval from regulatory agencies like the FCC in the United States, as well as organizations like the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Over the past few months, new devices from Fossil have arrived in both of these groups, sparking rumors about Fossil Gen 7 Wear OS watches. However, that’s not what these new watches are meant to be.

The Fossil Group is easily one of the most prolific makers of Wear OS devices today, with each of their fashion brands – like Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Diesel – creating a proper version of a high-end smartwatch. range. Fossil’s newest smartwatches, the “Gen 6” series, were the first to run on the Snapdragon Wear 4100 and are set to be among the only watches that can be upgraded to Wear OS 3.

Typically, Fossil prepares a new generation of smartwatches every year, often launching in August. Based on this timing, it wouldn’t be surprising to start seeing Fossil Gen 7 Wear OS watch leaks very soon.

At the end of April, Fossil obtained FCC approval for two new watches – DW14 and DW15 – each of which was subdivided into “F1” and “S1” models. Although the FCC won’t allow viewing of photos of the new watches until the end of the month, there are already enough clues to piece together what we’re looking at here.

In a document we can see an example of where the regulatory information required by the FCC will be displayed in the menus of the smartwatch. Take note of the home and back buttons visible on the screen, as it’s not a design you’ll see on Wear OS. Instead, the page displayed looks almost identical – save for the button placements – to where you’ll find the FCC eLabel on Fossil’s Hybrid HR range of smartwatches.

More recently, these same supposed Fossil Gen 7 watches have come in for Bluetooth SIG approval, bringing more clues to these watches. For starters, there’s no sign of these watches running Wear OS, instead there’s a reference to “Cordio”, Bluetooth software for low-power devices.

Likewise, instead of a reference to a Snapdragon Wear chip, there’s a processor from Ambiq’s Apollo3 Blue series. These chips are designed to be “ultra-low power” and would not be sufficient for Wear OS.

Putting it all together, it becomes pretty clear that we’re looking at an upcoming group of Fossil Hybrid HR watches, not the latest trendy Wear OS options. That being the case, that means we know next to nothing about any changes or improvements Fossil is planning for its Gen 7 Wear OS watches – at least for now.

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