Nixon’s line of Star Wars watches is as gorgeous as it is geeky

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star wars fans are ride-or-die. We’re not flippant about our love for George Lucas’ epic space fantasy, but sometimes we have to stay professional. Just because your stupid boss says you can’t wear your Jedi robes(opens in a new tab) working doesn’t mean you can’t express your star wars fandom in a more subtle way.


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Nixon Watches have partnered with Lucasfilm to bring you an officially licensed star wars(opens in a new tab) watches(opens in a new tab) which are as beautiful as they are geek. Watches are meticulously crafted for fans – there are almost enough Easter Eggs to rival A thug. To the untrained eye, however, these are just classy, ​​cool watches.

Close-up of the Leia watch.
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Princess Leia fans will want to check out this watch(opens in a new tab) based on her (in)famous metal bikini in Jabba’s Palace. Many women see Killer Leia as an icon of empowerment, using the chains that enslaved her to free herself from oppression. The back is engraved with a silhouette of Jabba and chains, as well as the words “can’t hold me down”. You can channel this badass energy as you kill mansplainers at your quarterly meeting.

Speaking of Leia, her adorable dad has his own watch(opens in a new tab) — and it looks as dark and badass as you’d expect. Thanks to his unfortunate fall at Mustafar, Darth Vader is beautifully encompassed in this sleek matte black watch, complete with custom dial and bezels inspired by his vent mask and Imperial logo on the hour hand. If you weren’t already impressed, the back is etched with his full face helmet and “Most Awesome”. Did you expect less?

For a character who utters a total of five sentences in the original trilogy, Boba Fett certainly made a lasting impression. Whether you admire his determination or just his cool armor, you can have the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy grace your wrist with this Boba Fett watch.(opens in a new tab). The engraving on the back is that of his helmet and “as you wish” written below. Also, as a bonus, the inside of the band shows Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

Apparently, the fastest ship in the galaxy is such a fan favorite that it warranted two separate designs. We’re not complaining, because both of these watches are super cool. The Kessel Run Edition(opens in a new tab) celebrates the coronation of the Millennium Falcon (which makes no sense, but rumor has it the next Han Solo movie will answer it) with a ring around his face “measuring” 12 parsecs – which we all know is a unit of distance and not time.

The other Millennium Falcon watch(opens in a new tab) is a little sleeker and more sophisticated, not words I would use to describe Han Solo, but it does suit the legendary ship itself. What looks like an abstract design on the face to the untrained eye is actually the view from the Falcon’s cockpit window. With ‘Never Tell Me the Odds’ engraved on the back, you can wear it when you want to bring some playfulness to a tough project at work.

Another character worth (at least) two watches is our daughter Rey. After stealing our hearts from the force awakens, Rey is well on her way to joining Luke, Han, and Leia as one of the franchise’s most beloved and important characters. The first Rey watch(opens in a new tab) is based on his scavenger outfit and houses a lightsaber second hand and a rebel alliance marker at 12 o’clock on the face. The back is engraved with his profile and the quote “follow me”. We will, Rey. We will follow you everywhere.

The second Rey watch(opens in a new tab) is a ThinkGeek exclusive. It has all the same details but is a bit more delicate with a thinner band and a round, sleek face. Even no-star wars fans (as if there was such a thing) will love this design.

Another badass and fan-favorite lady from the force awakensCaptain Phasma has his own watch(opens in a new tab) too. All silver, just like the Captain herself, this watch looks every bit as authoritative as she does. The First Order symbol is embedded in the face and the second hand is inspired by a blaster. The engraving on the back is that of his helmet, with the words “on my command”. Don’t make him say it twice.

Speaking of the First Order, their angsty commander Kylo Ren has his own watch, too.(opens in a new tab). This one will be pretty abstract for many, but true fans will recognize that the machine’s casing is based on Ren’s lightsaber, complete with custom bezels inspired by his helmet – which is also engraved on the back. As intense as it is, this watch is made of titanium and is submersible up to 200 meters.

If you were a big fan of the force awakens but you feel like Kylo Ren’s watch is a bit too dark and emotional a teenager for you, maybe you’ll want to go with something a little… cuter. Yes, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite new character, BB-8. This watch(opens in a new tab) doesn’t have a pop-out lighter (unfortunately), but it does feature his signature orange and white design with a sleek stainless steel chain. That’s how he rolls. (There is an R2-D2(opens in a new tab), too. Excited beep.)

A thug fans, we haven’t forgotten about you (although some people might want to.) You’re all rebellious to the core, just like hero Jyn Erso. His watch(opens in a new tab) is engraved with the simple message “I rebel”. Inspired by his bulletproof vest, this watch is a bit more rugged than the others, but still cool and subtle. Better yet, you’ll smuggle in the Death Star blueprints, just like Jyn did – they’re etched into the back of the band.

Whether you’re an OG original trilogy, fell in love with the force awakensor are one of the few people still delighted with A thugyou will be able to proudly imitate your favorite character without being written off by HR.

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