Nixon watches are a good choice for a gentleman’s first watch

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About 16 years ago my then girlfriend (now wife) gave me the first decent quality watch I have ever owned. It was an analog Nixon with a wide leather strap and a beautiful square black face framed in brushed steel. Before I got this Nixon, I had worn Swatch and Casio wristwatches as a kid and a cheap Soviet-made watch that worked terribly but looked interesting in a retro-cool style. in high school and alternative and look at me! ” kind of way. I still have the watch my now wife gave me in 2002, and although she has since seen two different straps and has been relegated to hiking watch status due to all the scratches on the face and case , it still works perfectly.

Nixon is not an old company. Indeed, the brand has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Nixon was launched to fill a niche that its founders, action and snow sports enthusiasts Chad DiNenna and Andy Laats, saw lacking: decent watches with a youthful but refined look that sell for an affordable price. Indeed, Nixon watches bridge the gap between cheap, functional watches that many people slap on without thinking about it and more expensive luxury chronometers worn primarily to impress and which only tangentially serve as reliable timepieces.

nixon watch
Steven John / Digital Trends

If there’s one thing I can guarantee for sure, it’s that a Nixon watch is reliable. Like I said, I’ve had mine for 16 years now and wore it daily for the first five or six years that I owned it. Since then it has accompanied me as I have climbed mountains, ridden rainstorms and hiked a town or 20. As I get a little older and enter the quarry, then the stages of a man’s life. family, I have acquired several additional watches, and many of them are priced higher and better suited for meetings, dinners, weddings, etc. But I also added a couple more Nixons to the lineup as well, as there’s always room for a semi-casual watch that looks good, performs well, and frankly doesn’t care. not too much because no matter what looks or function, it’s not a huge investment.

My original Nixon was the perfect first watch for me as I navigated the twists and turns of my early twenties. And while the company offers several more refined watches, some priced at several hundred dollars, I admire the fact that Nixon has stuck to its founding vision two decades later.

nixon watch
Steven John / Digital Trends

The brand’s various watches (and its limited selection of clothing, bags, and audio gear) maintain a balanced aesthetic that won’t feel out of place on the wrist of a junior executive heading to a meeting or a passing surfer. in front of the breakers. After all, said Jr. Exec and the surfer might just be the same guy, depending on the day of the week.

Go ahead and choose a rugged digital Nixon if you need a reliable watch for cycling, hiking, or diving. Or get an analog Nixon with a black dial and gold band if you need to add a touch of grace to your work outfit. Either way, you can count on owning a Nixon watch for many years to come, so choose wisely even if you won’t be spending that much.

Are these high-end watches? No. But there is a time and a place for the Tag Heuer or the Rolex, and a lot of people are not there yet. And it is exactly as it should be.

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