Good Sorrow! Seven new Snoopy watches

As discussed in Squiresister publication of The watch ledger – new number now! – the last 12 months have given us a lot of “watches with character”.

It is the horological language of a watch with a cartoon on its dial.

Usually not aimed at fourth-graders – unless, in the case of the £ 380,000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept ‘Black Panther’ Flying Tourbillon collaboration with Marvel Comics, they have exceptionally well-off parents. This year, Tag Heuer launched a smartwatch with Super Mario. Seiko released a Sonic the Hedgehog chronograph (Sonic chased the dial after gold rings). And Unimatic continued their collaboration with SpongeBob SquarePants (yes, the collection was mostly yellow).


Now Swatch, who knows a thing or two about watches and graphic art, has announced a series of Peanuts watches, just in time for Christmas. There are six options in the “Swatch x Peanuts Christmas Specials” collection with Charlie Brown and co, plus a “maxi” version that comes packaged in its own special red Snoopy dog ​​bowl.

These are the Klunk! Lucy Watch (£ 70); Grande Bracchetto Snoopy Watch (£ 70); NS ! Charlie Brown (£ 83); Hee Hee Hee Snoopy (£ 83); First base Peanuts Crew (£ 83); Smak (£ 83).



For £ 70 you can’t really go wrong, and it’s something to tide you over while you save for this Black Panther Flying Tourbillion. Or maybe just wait patiently on the list for the “Silver Snoopy Award” Omega Speedmaster, arguably the best dog in Snoopy watches.

From £ 70;

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