Give a G-Shock this Christmas: 8 watches to buy in a new store

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December 17, 2021 | 10:05 am

MANILA, Philippines – With Christmas days away, many are still doing last-minute gift shopping for loved ones, let alone their desire inaanaks.

Whether you are short on ideas or are undecided with many options, all you need is time, rather a timepiece to be exact. Perfect for holiday shopping and gifts, the very first G-Shock company-owned retail store opened in the country, located on the ground floor of the Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill, Taguig City.

Here are the top picks from the new G-Shock store for that special someone in your life. Whatever it is, there is surely a G-Shock watch that fits its lifestyle.

For your manly man

For the man in your life who exudes manhood in everything he does, like your dad, brother or boyfriend, he deserves a matching watch.

The perfect watch of choice is TPS-B100 of the G-STEEL range. He speaks of tenacity in the performance of the chronograph in analog format. It comes in the form of analog dials that still offer G-Shock level impact resistance. Other functions include Tough Solar in combination with original CASIO power saving technology for stable power, high brightness LED lighting and dual dial world time.

This model is also already equipped with Bluetooth® for smartphone connectivity.

The price starts at P 24 940.

For your sporty GF / BFF

Then there is the woman in your life whose choices and preferences are regardless of gender and on the manly or athletic side. It can be a bit difficult to find gifts that match her style. With G-Shock Women watches, it will be easy to give your girlfriend or best friend something that she will totally adore in form and function.

the GM-S5600 The series combines elegance and casualness with its iconic square bezel and mirror-finished metal-covered case. It is available in elegant colourways of rose gold, champagne gold and silver. Most importantly, it offers impact resistance in a smaller size for a lightweight and comfortable fit on the wrist.

For a slimmer but bolder option, check out the GM-S2100. This mid-sized G-Shock is a metal-clad octagonal version of the original iconic design. Forged from stainless steel with a rounded hairline finish, the solid bezel says great style all the way through. The dial, flattened for finesse, is treated with an ion-plating color and mirrored indexes to add shimmering depth.

Pricing starts at 12,290 for the GM-S5600 and 15,320 for the GM-S2100.

For your fitness partner

Do you have a fitness buddy who never fails to motivate you to reach your goals? Then it’s time to reward it with the latest addition to the G-SQUAD sports watch line as well.

Most recent GBD-100 is now equipped with Bluetooth® capability which allows continuous connection with a smartphone. It’s a great watch for running as it connects to the phone’s GPS for faster calibration of distance measurements. It also comes with standard features like step tracking, interval timer, lap time measurement, and calorie burn measurement.

For another type of active friend who enjoys going in the water, you may want to consider GBX-100. It is also a smartwatch from the G-LIDE line, which is the preferred choice of the world’s top surfers.

These new models offer the ability to display the information required by surfers (times and levels of high and low tide) and to use a phone application for a simple selection of one of some 3,300 locations around the world.

The price starts at 8,980P for the GBD-100, while the GBX-100 starts at 10,690P.

For your friend / relative on the go

Now this choice is for your friend or anyone in your family who is always on the go as it can be worn in harsh environments and as street fashion items.

the GA-900, one of G-Shock’s best-selling models, is now available in a new range that features an industrial design motif. Resembling the shape of a nut, the 10-sided bezel is secured with four screws for a sturdy and rugged look.

In terms of timing, it combines analog hands with a digital display for ultimate ease of use. Meanwhile, the band connection and all buttons have checkerboard surfaces that prevent slipping and contribute to operational efficiency.

The price starts at 8,370 P.

Premium. For your fashionista inaanak or niece

Of course, a goddaughter or niece will not be missing from your Christmas list. Upgrade your gift this year with an iconic Baby-G.

In time for their vacation this summer (manifesting better days ahead), you can choose DW-520, which is waterproof up to 200 meters. These styles are a great choice to wear on the beach, around the pool, or other places where water is present. It combines a popular square design with a monotone matte finish on the case and bracelet.

Another interesting option is the BA-130, which is a compact version of the iconic G-Shock design. The colors of the white and pink models combine with the metallic hues of the parts of the face for a bright and refreshing look.

The price starts at 8,980.

The newly opened G-Shock store offers the best-selling GM-2100, Full Metal Series, G-Gray Skeleton Series, as well as the G-Squad, G-Steel, G-Shock MTG, G-Shock Women ranges. It also offers other Casio brands such as Baby-G, Sheen and Edifice.

The brand recognizes the improvement in the country’s situation during the pandemic and seized the opportunity to bring high-quality and premium watches closer to everyone.

“Thanks to the support of our loyal consumers, we have finally opened the doors to our first company-owned store in the country. We are very excited to bring our wide range of G-Shock watches to more Filipinos, ”said Primrose Condez, Director of Retail for CSC Time Inc. at the opening and blessing of the store.

The small event was attended by special guest Dominic Roque, as well as guest media and influencers. – PHOTOS BY EC TOLEDO


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