Fossil watches on Wear OS 3 will have their own companion app

Fossil is reportedly building a companion app for its watches that will run on Wear OS 3, 9To5Google reports. Fossil has officially declared that it is in the process of developing such an application. So when its watches come with Wear OS version 3, users will use the Fossil Watches companion app instead of the Wear OS app.

On the Fossil Hybrids subreddit, the Fossil team states that the new app will support Fossil smartwatches which will receive the Wear OS update later in 2022. It is also mentioned that the teams are continuously working with Google to achieve this .

It’s worth noting that Fossil doesn’t create an entirely separate companion app for Wear OS devices. It already has a companion app for its hybrid watches. And it’s currently working with Google to update the app to support Wear OS 3.

The Fossil companion app already has a new look to prepare for Wear OS 3

Although development of the app is still ongoing, Fossil has already rolled out an update. This update comes with a new look. This is apparently in preparation for the upcoming Wear OS 3 support on watches.

Since the company is still working with Google on ongoing development, there may be additional changes to the overall design. But for the most part, it looks like how the companion app looks now is what it will look like once Fossil watches run on Wear OS 3.

Fossil says, “Some of the flow, features, functions and more of the new app are influenced a bit by meeting the requirements of our entire smartwatch portfolio. As part of this, we work closely with Google designers to collectively deliver the best possible user experience for all users. »

Thus, the new design is designed to benefit both groups. Wear OS watches and those running on Fossil’s hybrid system. That being said, it still doesn’t give any clue as to when the Wear OS 3 update will be released. Unfortunately, Fossil hasn’t confirmed specific dates.

Although with terms like “later this year” it might be safe to say it will be fall or later.

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