Fossil presents a collection of eco-friendly watches and bags


Sustainability has, over the years, been engraved in almost everything and especially in fashion. Consumers today have realized the importance of sustainable fashion and making the change, aligning themselves with brands that respect the planet. And that doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics and this need for classic, fashionable and also eco-friendly products is recognized by Fossil, which offers a range of products dedicated to enhancing personal style while taking care of the planet.

Fossil’s favorite minimalist for him and Jacqueline for her are updated with durable materials. This pro-planet assortment uses Litehide straps which reduce water consumption during the tanning process, recycled stainless steel and solar movement.

The Minimalist is available in three styles in shades of brown, green and blue; the earthy undertones really reflect the distinct design philosophy behind these exquisite pieces. Not only that, the movement also gets an upgrade with the date window.

Priced at Rs 9,995, Fossil’s minimalist solar watches can be obtained at and in select online and offline stores.

The Jacqueline is available in classic shades of beige, light pink, brown and black. These timepieces are not only a responsible choice, but also elegant and lasting style decisions that will accompany you in fashion on many occasions.

Priced at Rs 9,995, Fossil’s Jacqueline solar watches can be obtained at and in select online and offline stores.

The Kier Vegan Cactus Tote by Fossil is made with vegan cactus leaves. It is an innovative material, new to the industry and created from organically grown cactus leaves and developed by Desserto®, a company based in Mexico. The leaves come from cacti that only require rainwater and minerals from the Earth for their growth. Once harvested, the leaves are dried in the sun for three to six days, eliminating the need for any additional energy source for the drying process. Not only is this an energy efficient treatment technique, but no herbicides, pesticides or irrigation systems are used in the production of the cactus. Thanks to this process, each Kier bin saves 7.5 liters of water. In addition, the trunk of each cactus is left intact to allow for repeated harvesting, as the leaves regenerate every six to eight months.

Priced at Rs 19,295, the collection includes four stunning colourways in black, brown, green and wine.

Honoring their commitment to the planet, the Fossil line not only enhances your style and fashion, but also minimizes the impact it leaves on the planet, making it a responsible purchase.


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