Fossil explains why the Wear OS 3 update for its watches has been slow to arrive

It looks like the companion app experience is in the OEM yard

Wear OS 3 was announced at Google’s I/O Developer Conference in May 2021, but with the exception of a few Samsung Watches and the very expensive Montblanc Summit 3, very few watches are running the update today. today. Fossil is one of the brands catching up at the moment, with several of its watches set to get the big update later this year, and we’ve learned that to prepare for that, the Fossil Smartwatches app is doing undergoing a complete overhaul.

Rolled out alongside Fossil Gen 6 hybrids last month, the update wasn’t exactly well received and garnered a lot of negative feedback – it lacks several features and much of the customization offered by the older app. been deleted. To make matters worse, Fossil thought it best to provide an explanation as to Why a major update was needed first for the phone app and watch UI via a post on Reddit (via 9to5Google).


According to the brand, a redesign would do a better job of helping watches get Wear OS 3 later this year and make it easier to implement new feedback, making the transition easier. The old Watch UI, meanwhile, was seen as not at all intuitive with the messy combination of vertical and horizontal scrolling elements seen as requiring “too much learning,” so it too had to disappear.

The post further revealed that Fossil is working closely with Google’s designers to help the app meet the requirements of the company’s entire stock of smartwatches in the best possible way. Watches that run Wear OS 3 aren’t compatible with the Wear OS app, according to Google, so brands have been rushing to update their own apps – Samsung has Galaxy Wearable, Montblanc should have its own app, and there’s maybe even has one in the works for Google Pixel Watch.

Needless to say, the transition to Wear OS 3 was painfully slow with all that Fossil had to juggle – between the software itself and applying it to all products in its brand portfolio – but once the dust settled, the Android users could perhaps finally enjoy an Android-related smartwatch experience.

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