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Mobile watch: Featured mobile watch can make your life smarter with its amazing features such as clear voice calls, fitness activity tracking and blood pressure monitoring to give sound alert, so you can find it quickly and easily. take an emergency call. Mobile watches are increasingly in demand in the market, especially among multitaskers and professionals. If you are also looking for this type of smart watch under your budget or the premium ones, so be happy because today we launched new mobile watch launches from the brands Samsung, Apple, Noisefit, and more. Check it out!

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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro LTE – 9% off

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 will show you your sleep with its new and improved sleep tracking technology, plan your bedtime, detect snoring, and understand and track your sleep. Apart from these features, you will get everything on your mobile like walking steps, calorie burning, base point, water level, and everything to get fit as you want. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro price: Rs 49,999.

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch –

The advanced Fitbit Sense smartwatch connects to an EDA analysis app to detect electrodermal activity that can indicate your body’s response to stress, and a built-in skin temperature sensor records yours each night so you can see when it varies. Fitbit watch price: Rs 22,999.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 LTE – 8% off

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 connects to your smartphone to show your fitness activities like walking steps, calorie burn, base point, water level, and everything to keep you fit the way you want . Their harder front screen makes it premium to protect from water and any other damages. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price: Rs 32,999.

Apple Watch SE –

Apple smartwatches stay on top of your health with high and low heart rate and irregular heartbeat notifications, this watch can detect if you’ve had a hard fall and then automatically call emergency services for you. You can also track your daily activities like running, yoga, swimming, and dancing. Apple Watch price: Rs 32,900.

Fossil Gen 5 Men’s Touchscreen Smartwatch with Speaker – 35% Off

Fossil smartwatches are powered by Wear OS by Google and work with iPhone and Android phones. Your Fossil smartwatch can tell your smartphone to play a sound alert so you can find it quickly, you won’t have to take your smartwatch off for long to charge it up to 80% in an hour with fast charging. Fossil watch price: Rs 14,995.

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