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Best Fossil Watch in India: Over the past 2 decades, the watch industry has come a long way. From the basic analog watch to smart watches, Many things have changed. Today, you can find watches that can not only tell you the time, but also closely monitor your health, help you monitor your oxygen level, help you receive calls, respond to messages, and more. Among the thousands of brands available in the market today, Fossil watches are considered a style statement because of the quality and trust they have earned.

But what’s so special about Fossil watches? Let’s start with the design part. The exquisite innovation in the construction of these watches gives them an edge over other competitors. In addition to impeccable looks, Fossil watches also go neck and neck with modernist features like voice assistance, health monitoring and basically everything a present time smart watch possesses. Additionally, these Fossil watches go extremely well with all genders and generally all age groups, making them a must buy option in your collection.

So, if you haven’t bought yet or are looking to get your first Fossil watch, take a look at some of the best buying options available online in India.

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Best Fossil Watch In India: Top Picks

Below we have listed some stylish and durable Fossil watches for men and women that will suit your casual, formal or party look.

Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch

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The Fossil smartwatch is powered by Google’s Wear OS and works with iPhone and Android phones. It’s your personal Google, always ready to help, and you can extend your battery life by days with new smart battery modes. Fossil Gen 6 watch price: Rs 24,995.

Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch – 20% off

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The Fossil Watch is the all-new version of our most advanced smartwatch yet. Built-in speaker, multi-day battery modes, and the ability to measure your cardio fitness level and track your sleep. You can charge your smartwatch in an hour and extend your battery life for days with smart battery modes. Fossil Gen 5E watch price: Rs 14,796.

Fossil analog watch with beige dial

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It is a truly stunning watch to look at. On your wrist, it has presence and attitude but blends with elegance and style, so it’s both a watch for the nightclub and for formal occasions. It looks cool and gets a lot of admiring comments and I love it. It is also very comfortable. Fossil Analog Watch Price: Rs 13,995.

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Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch for Men – 35% off

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Fossil smartwatches use Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone when a notification or alert arrives, a slight buzzing sound lets you know immediately. Gen 5’s improved heart rate sensor is battery efficient, so you can check your heart rate whenever you’re on the go. Fossil Gen 5 watch price: Rs 14,995.

Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch – 20% off

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We highly recommended this Fossil watch to those who want to use Google OS on the cheap. Built-in GPS for distance tracking, swim-proof design, Google Assistant responses and features like Google Wear OS, AMOLED display, call answering and smart replies for messages, Spotify app features, and many others. Fossil Gen 5E watch price: Rs 11,995.

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