Crowds come for Seiko watches with aBlogtoWatch in Los Angeles

On December 8, 2021, more than 100 members of the public and aBlogtoWatch guests gathered at Feldmar Watch Co. in Los Angeles, to discover dozens of exciting new Seiko watches and help celebrate the Japanese brand’s 140th anniversary. It was the first event since the start of the pandemic held at the historic Los Angeles watch retailer but certainly not its first event with aBlogtoWatch. Scott Meller of Feldmar Watch Co. commented on how impressed he was with the guests’ commitment and their passion for Seiko some products. Mr. Meller is not alone in this sentiment.

Professional watch retailers in the United States are often overflowing with respect and enthusiasm for Seiko as a company and for Seiko products themselves. Sentiments such as “customers don’t return them with problems” and “Seiko has always treated us well” are common words of men and women across the United States who outfit their customers with Seiko watches. Seiko watch enthusiasts also often come to stores with an above-average knowledge of the brand and its latest products, which keeps top watch salespeople on their toes and excited to work with customers who love Seiko.

Seiko provided some special treats for its 140th anniversary celebration, while our Feldmar hosts provided food and Japanese whiskey for guests who loved hard-to-find designs and fresh novelties. Among the special watches brought exclusively for the aBlogtoWatch event were an assortment of “JDM” (Japanese domestic market) products that are not generally available in the United States, as well as an assortment of historic sports watches from the 1960 from the Seiko archive collection.

Seiko USA was also thrilled to introduce some of the special edition American-only watches, such as the latest Seiko Prospex Ice Diver models (aBlogtoWatch review here), and others from the Seiko Prospex LX collection of high-end wristwatch models. , including the Seiko Prospex LX Seigaiha dive watches (aBlogtoWatch Hands-on here). Seiko also shared some glimpses of its recent photography adventure in Alaska with famed ice diving photographer and brand ambassador Becky Kagan Schott (who has Blogtowatch featured here).

Feldmar Watch Co. and Seiko also chose the evening of the aBlogtoWatch public event to launch the latest Seiko Prospex LX Titanium Spring Drive GMT Reference SNR051 Special Edition watches in the US only. Everyone had an exciting evening playing with (and buying) loads of brand new Seiko watches ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to luxury models priced up to US$6,000.

aBlogtoWatch has produced a special video to capture the important 140th anniversary event for Seiko fans around the world. Spending time with Seiko team members and product fans is a truly enjoyable experience for aBlogtoWatch team members. Thank you all for coming, as well as our host, Feldmar Co watch. here in Los Angeles. We look forward to seeing you at the next aBlogtoWatch event. Discover more Seiko Luxe watches via the brand’s website here.

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