casio watches – Freebirds Publishing Tue, 04 Oct 2022 22:17:53 +0000 en-US hourly 1 casio watches – Freebirds Publishing 32 32 Casio announces factory restoration program for select vintage G-Shock watches Mon, 03 Oct 2022 13:14:28 +0000

The market for vintage watches has arguably never been stronger than it is now. With more enthusiasts entering the watch community and myriad options for finding rare and obscure classic references from around the world, it’s a boom time for those who love classic watches. With the growth of vintage enthusiasm, watch brands themselves have joined the vintage wave, with many companies offering heritage divisions or factory restoration programs for historic models. These heritage-focused programs are typically the domain of high-end Swiss brands, but with luxurious prices to match. This makes Casio’s announcement of a new factory restoration pilot program for classic G-Shock models a spectacular standout and a potential shift in how consumers approach older G-Shocks. Casio’s limited-time restoration program aims to revive some of the earliest G-Shock references, bringing classic octagonal G-Shock models back to factory-new looks at an incredibly affordable price.

From October 1, 2022 through November 30, 2022, Casio will be accepting submissions for this limited-time factory service program through its website. Eligible watches include the original Casio G-Shock DW-5000C, as well as the G-Shock DW-5200C, G-Shock DW-5600C, G-Shock DW-5800, G-Shock WW-5100C and the G-Shock WW-5300C. Casio’s restoration program includes a complete exterior renovation. First, the inner case is removed from the original resin outer case. Then the battery is replaced, a new bottom case gasket is installed, and the bottom case is put back in place before a brand new resin outer case is fitted, complete with new case screws. The case is fitted with a new matching resin strap, and the resulting watch is returned to the owner in unique commemorative packaging that includes a message from Kikuo Ibe, the creator of the G-Shock line.

While this initial program is a strictly limited-time offer, this first-ever Casio G-Shock Factory Restoration Program may well be the start of a broader Casio heritage effort and open vintage watch restorations to factory to a new, more democratic segment of the consumer market watch. Applications for the limited-time program are open at the time of publication, but may be closed before November 30, 2022, in the event of unexpected high demand. Casio’s Factory Restore Service is priced at $100excluding return costs. For more information or to apply for the program, visit the brand’s website.

Both Stormzy and Skepta have a taste for gold in watches Fri, 30 Sep 2022 13:25:34 +0000

With fashion weeks keeping celebrities busy this week, big watch spots have been on offer. Stormzy and Skepta – at Burberry and Ferragamo respectively – seized the opportunity to flash some serious bracelets. Elsewhere, Miles Teller, the second best thing about Top Gun: Maverick (with all due respect to Tom Cruise), loses the dodgy spot and flexes a dream sports watch, while our Gareth shows off some watch references on the sidelines.

Ben Affleck wears a Rolex GMT-Master II Batman

Batman wears a Batman

Hell, the man who played one of the most absurd versions of Batman has a “Batman” strapped to his wrist – or if you want to get technical, a Rolex GMT-Master II. Originally designed for Pan Am pilots, the black-blue ceramic bezel looks great, but its main role is to help tell the time in two different places. The GMT-Master II is one of the most classic timepieces in the Affleck collection, which contains fantasies such as a skeletonized Rolex Submariner and a Hermès Arceau L’Heure De La Lune. We say Affleck because we assume he didn’t add Lopez to his name.

Stormzy wears a Patek Philippe 5980/1R Nautilus in rose gold

Mel made her wear it

Another big boy “kettle” (it’s cockney slang that rhymes with watch, natch) from the grime GOAT: Stormzy wore a Patek Philippe 5980/1R Nautilus for Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry Swan Song this week. The opulent rose gold remix of the popular steel sports watch with its iconic porthole design features a flyback chronograph. One look at the “Mel Made Me Do It” rapper will tell not only how much time has passed, but how rich and successful he has become.

7 Best Affordable Men’s Watches with a High Level of Style Wed, 28 Sep 2022 11:59:51 +0000

Watches aren’t just a time-tracking tool, they’re a must-have fashion accessory, especially in the world of fashionistas. And if you want to rank higher on the style quotient, accessorize your wrist with the best watches for men at Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2022. Whether digital, mechanical, smart or analog, add the missing boldness to your personality in a jiffy. Here are some must-have brands that bring you affordable styles. Well, these infallible watches never go out of style. No matter how many watches you buy, you are still falling short. Scroll down and discover the best watches available at exclusive prices.

The best men’s watches to snag at the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 sale

1. Noise Pulse Go Buzz Smartwatch

In this smart world, you have the opportunity to be smarter. Keep your style quotient a step ahead with the Noise Pulse Go Buzz smartwatch. I got you! The huge price drop already makes you smile more broadly. The slender body enveloping cutting-edge technology is something you should proudly own. The smooth connectivity and 1.69-inch display face of this watch are a visual treat. Due to the longer battery life, built-in microphone with speaker and 100 sports modes, this watch deserves a bow.

Price: Rs. 4,999

Bid Price: Rs. 1,799

Buy now

2. Fire-Boltt BSW005

Have you ever thought that one day your watch would be more accessible than a smartphone? Fire-Boltt is here to prove that a watch can be accessible, more functional, reliable and fashionable. It has a built-in microphone, speaker, Bluetooth connectivity, blood oxygen monitor, health rate tracker, and multiple watch faces to fit your style. What are you watching ? Buckle up, it’s time to kill in style! You can’t deny the fact that this is a theft case. Everything you think about is on your wrist. Focus on your health while keeping track of time in style.

Fire Bolt BSW005

Price: Rs. 9,999

Bid Price: Rs. 2,498

Buy now

3. Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch

Hang on! One of the best men’s watches on the market is at your fingertips! This Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch will give your style the perfect masculine touch you’ve been longing for. The handsome brown leather strap and round AMOLED display screen is a nice combination of old-school timepieces with a contemporary twist. This Google Fit watch presented by Fossil is the new version of an advanced smartwatch with Bluetooth, the best health apps, multi-day battery modes, sleep tracking, built-in speakers and everything you need need to be on your toes all day long. the day.

Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch

Price: Rs. 18,495

Bid Price: Rs. 1,995

Buy now

4. Titan Neo Analog Dial Men’s Watch

Are you an old soul? Meet the Titan Neo analog dial men’s watch. Every bit of this watch is worth looking at. Minimalist is the word that describes the vibe this watch adds to your attire. Roman numerals, round silver dial, leather strap and buckle clasp are all you’ll love. This watch is a perfect old-school watch that never seems to come back. Of course, the basics only offer comfort and style. Sometimes spicing up your casual or formal outfit with this analog watch doesn’t seem like a bad choice. Is not it ?

Titan Neo Analog Dial Men's Watch

Price: Rs. 5,245

Bid Price: Rs. 3,669

Buy now

5. TIMEX Analog Watch

Who says you have to get rid of your old analog watches just because smartwatches have dominated the market far too much than expected? Kill those sayings, and prove that analog watches still manage to hold their place in the hearts of millions of fashionistas. And what can be better proof than the TIMEX Analog Men’s Watch? No, this is not a normal watch, this is a bold fashion statement you will die for. This brass bezel case, brown leather strap, fearless innovation and elegant appearance speaks for itself and screams its raison d’être.

TIMEX Men's Analog Watch

Price: Rs. 1,595

Bid Price: Rs. 898

Buy now

6. Casio Enticer Blue Dial Analog Watch

Not very inclined to connected watches and their finicky features? Then it’s definitely a smart choice to get spoiled. Take your fashion game to a new level with this stainless steel analog watch brought to you by Casio. The blue dial with Japanese quartz movement complements the silver look of the steel bracelet wrapped around your wrist locked with a folding clasp. This watch is a must-have fashion accessory if you fall for aesthetically pleasing fashion pieces over time.

Casio Enticer Men's Analog Blue Dial Watch - MTP-VD01D-2EVUDF (A1364)

Price: Rs. 2,995

Bid Price: Rs. 2,559

Buy now

7. Fastrack Analog Black Dial Watch

Be a true watch enthusiast and take your fashion game to another level with the Fastrack Analog Black Dial watch. This black beauty is worth swooning over. And all credit goes to the jet black dial, silicone strap, stainless steel back cover and analog movement of the quartz tees. It is water resistant and adds punch to any formal or casual outfit you choose for the day. Stylish, durable, reliable and easy to transport, what more could you ask for? Without further ado, slip this masterpiece into your cart and let your high style quotient speak for your fashion sense.

Fastrack Analog Black Dial Men's Watch

Price: Rs. 795

Bid Price: Rs. 715

Buy now

Are you bored of wearing the same watches every day? Head to Amazon Great Indian Festival and get stylish men’s watches that are indeed fashionable and functional wear. It’s time to show your love for watches and prove that you have a watch to suit every mood and every occasion. To hurry up! before the best ones run out.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored links and content is created by Pinkvilla. At Pinkvilla, we only select products after detailed research based on shopping trends, product ratings and honest customer feedback. We aim to make your shopping experience convenient and worth every penny. Good shopping!

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The best of timeless pieces Mon, 26 Sep 2022 05:15:00 +0000

If there is an underestimated phenomenon in the history of watchmaking, it is the Quartz Crisis of the 1970s and 1980s. Before that, watches were considered expensive and a luxury item in most households.

Some of these pieces have been passed down from generation to generation and still belong to the descendants of those who wore them in the 70s and 80s.

The vast majority of wristwatches that we see around us every day are most likely quartz watches. It has a simple mechanism: a battery, a quartz crystal and an oscillator. If your watch is battery powered, chances are it’s a quartz watch.

This technology is so simple and mass-produced in the 21st century, it’s found in wristwatches and other timepieces as cheap as Tk100 (if you’re willing to browse the pedestrian markets of Motijheel, Baitul Mukarram and New Market) .

For clarity, fashion brands such as Daniel Wellington, Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger are basically watches made at low cost in mass production factories in China. With the addition of their brand logo, watches often cost 10 times their production cost.

While looking for a new watch, I once came across a generic DW watch priced at Tk20,750+ on Amazon. Later I found the same watch without the DW mark for around 2075 Tk on Aliexpress.

So without further ado, here is our recommendation for some of our top picks in quartz watches for enthusiasts.

As local watch stores cater more to fashion watches than watch brands with watchmaking history, it is a bit more difficult to find our recommended watches in stock in the market. In addition, the prices mentioned are subject to change due to the evolution of the dollar rate.

Casio Classic Quartz Watch with Resin Strap (MW-240-1EVCF)

Casio MW-240-1EVCF is a simple wristwatch with a minimalist resin design. At this price, it’s a bargain and should serve you for years without any problems. You can find watches from other fashion brands around this price, but they won’t last as long as this Casio.

Price: 1,800 Tk

Or buy:

Timex Weekender Unisex 38mm Watch

The classic Timex weekender is a fan-favorite budget watch with an easy-to-read dial and 50-meter water resistance. The biggest selling point of this piece is its indiglo function: the whole dial lights up when you press the crown.

Plus, with quick-release straps, the choices for customizing this watch are virtually endless. You can install any strap you want in seconds, especially if it’s nato straps.

However, some corners have been cut. The watch ticks considerably loudly, and the brass frame can be easily dented if you bang your arm against a hardwood desk or wall. But at this price, it’s excellent value for money.

Price: 4,912 Tk

Or buy:

Casio ‘Duro’ MDV106-1A

Diving watches usually have a water resistance of 200 meters, a solid case, a screw-down crown and a bezel. The Casio Duro has it all, including an engraved caseback emblazoned with the image of a Marlin.

The Casio Duro has always been a fan favorite for budget watch enthusiasts. But a few years ago, fan following gained popularity once it was widely reported that billionaire Bill Gates is mostly seen wearing this wristwatch.

You can wear it as a daily watch or go scuba diving with it, and it’s tough enough to withstand the toughest knocks a layman can bring 365 days a year.

Price: 6,902 Tk

Or buy:…

Fossil Grant

The Fossil Grant is quite a popular watch in Bangladesh. If it’s a chronograph, chances are you’ve seen someone wearing it. Even though we mentioned that we will not recommend fashion brand watches, Fossil will be an exception because the price of their watches is not as high as most other fashion brands. Their price reflects what you get.

The Grant features a Roman numeral dial with chronograph sub-dials that can keep time up to 30 minutes. It is by no means a “real chronograph”, but it is not intended to be one – it is a fashionable watch for everyday use.

Pro Tip: The Fossil Grant is usually priced at $140 or Tk 14,525, but patience here will reward you as it often goes on sale for $65 or Tk 6,743.

Price: 10,854 Tk

Or buy:…

Top Men’s Watches | Most Wanted Products Tue, 20 Sep 2022 05:22:00 +0000 Watches are an accessory that complements a man’s personality and helps him groom his look to the best of his abilities. A well-designed watch is always the sign of a man with taste. These high-end watches for men are some of the most stylish watches that every man should explore and choose to own at least one watch. A watch is like an unspoken announcement of your style and helps make a great first impression. Watches have also become the go-to gift for men from women to show their love and appreciation. It’s hard to resist a beautiful watch from a top brand, making it the perfect gift for every occasion. The perfect watch is a myth, but a watch that looks almost perfect is not! Set high standards and choose a luxury watch that matches your style.

Here are some of the best men’s watches online:


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This analog watch from Diesel comes with a nice gray dial. The dial has mini dials and a date scroller to add utility and an industrial look. To avoid overcrowding, the dial has been strategically designed with only 2 numbers and bars instead of numbers throughout. The beautiful watch comes with a brown leather strap which adds to the aesthetics of the watch and makes it look very high end and luxurious. This watch is not only a high-end watch, but also a designer watch with an avant-garde and glamorous look.

This Fastrack analog watch comes with a black dial with gray detailing. The dial looks modern and comes with several smaller dials that keep track of the day, date and time. This multi-faceted watch comes with a leatherette strap and buttons that look like a chronograph watch. The watch is simple and sophisticated and is a great way to invest in a high-end watch for everyday wear. The best men’s watch to wear to college, work, vacation and more. This watch will suit both casual and formal outfits perfectly.

This silver dial analog watch from Mathey-Tissot is another high-end watch for men that makes the list. The silver dial on a dark strap is very classy and structured and a great way to pair your formal attire with an elegant watch. The dial is designed to be minimalistic and classic, which most men prefer for their watches. The hands are slightly aesthetic and add a design element to the overall look of the watch. The best men’s watch for everyday wear, work, gifts and more.

Are you looking for women’s watches? Read here:

Heavy watches with busy designs not your thing? This minimalist looking yet fully loaded Casio men’s analog watch is the perfect solution. The black dial watch for men comes with several smaller dials, but all of them have a minimalist design to ensure the watch looks classic and sophisticated. The black metal chain watch band adds to the look of the watch and the unique color makes it look very sophisticated. The perfect watch for everyday wear and will look great on any wrist.

Find the full range of men’s watches. Click here.

A unique dial with a different look is the USP of this watch. The analog watch from MVMT comes with a gray dial with blue and gray hands that add to its looks. The mini dials also add a unique look with their minimalistic presence and the dial is designed for a clean look with no numbers or fine lines making this a very clean and classic watch. The watch will make a great gift for a loved one and also a perfect choice for everyday wear watches, work watches, travel watches and more. The strap is very light brown leather with a distressed feel which adds to the overall unique look of the watch. Truly a cutting edge piece.

Truly an exclusive looking watch. This watch comes with a semi-transparent dial where you can see the buttons and parts of the watch for an elevated experience. The rose gold details on the dial and button paired with the leather strap add to the aesthetics of the watch, making it very fashionable and presentable. The overall look of the watch is very unique and will look like a high end watch on any wrist. One of the best men’s watches online and a must-have for any man’s growing watch collection.

This unique looking Police men’s black watch is a must have for any watch collector. The watch comes with a black dial surrounded by a stainless steel case and contrasting stainless steel markings inside the dial. The watch is designed for an immersive look but lacks the distractions of multiple dials and buttons. Simple straps ensure that the dial remains the star of the show when you wear the watch and this premium men’s watch is a great choice for everyday wear watches. Perfect to match with any outfit, definitely add this watch to your cart now.

Find the perfect formal pants for men: Read here:

The perfect watch that is both premium and glamorous to look at. The black dial watch comes with a designer detail of several smaller dials with accented Roman numerals and silver hands which are very attractive. The silver case stands out beautifully against the black dial and black watch straps which make this watch perfect with any outfit. If you are looking for a top quality watch to buy for everyday use, this is the watch for you. A great watch for evening wear, casual wear, party wear and more.

Top Men’s Watches: FAQs

  1. What are the top 5 watch brands?
    Many top brands make amazing watches, but some of the top watch brands are Fossil, Police, Casio, Timex, Titan and more.
  2. Can I wear the same watch every day?
    Yes. A beautiful, well-made watch can be worn every day, and that’s why many men invest in a high-end watch and wear it every day. A nice watch can enhance your outfit and improve your mood, not to mention make a good impression.
  3. How to buy a men’s watch?
    Keep in mind the choice of dial color and style. Always choose a reliable and leading brand for men’s watches and when buying online, follow a reputable blog or website to ensure you get a quality watch.

DISCLAIMER: The journalists of The Times of India were not involved in the production of this article. The prices of the products mentioned in the article are likely to evolve with the offers. ]]> 8 Wristwatches for Women to Buy on Amazon Sat, 17 Sep 2022 12:49:00 +0000

Gone are the days when people watched the sand clock to know the time. Remember how an hourglass clock by Suniel Shetty Toh Chalunthe song from the 1997 movie Borderrepresented that time flies?

We don’t have to do that anymore. ‘Because we have a watch that boasts of its accurate timekeeping feature.

Ab ek show chahein chaar laakh ki ho ya 250 rupaiye ki, time wahi batati hai! Is not it? But is it just to check the time? Well, definitely not. Watches are not just a stopwatch that we flaunt on our wrists, but a luxury that speaks volumes about our lifestyle. Watches are gender neutral and that’s something everyone loves about this accessory.

Now, for women who don’t want to wear bracelets or bracelets, the watch is the go-to gadget that looks AF class.

So, if you are thinking of buying a wristwatch online, but you don’t know which one to buy. Do not worry anymore. We have compiled a list of 8 wristwatches for women that you can buy on Amazon.

Bargains without a specific budget are here. Let’s check:

1. Titan Karishma Silver Dial Women’s Watch – ₹1,549


If you love the feminine look in wristwatches, you can opt for the Titan one. The silver analog watch has a round dial and a sliding clasp as closure. While the crystal material is mineral, the ring is metal. This watch is guaranteed for 24 months by the manufacturer. Its waterproof depth is 30 meters.

Do you want to buy this one? Click on here.

2. Fossil Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch – ₹6,170


If you like jewelry on your watch, buy this Fossil one. The rose gold analog watch is embellished with silver crystals around the dial and on the clasp. The band material is made of stainless steel. The manufacture warranty of this watch is 2 years and the waterproof depth is 50 meters.

Do you want to buy this one? Click on here.

3. Chumbak Aztec Ombre Watch – ₹1,372


If you like laid back funky stuff, go for this Chumbak watch. It has a round gold dial with an ombré effect and a teal colored buckle as the clasp. The strap material is synthetic. The watch boasts of its 30 meter water resistant depth feature and is backed by a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Do you want to buy this one? Click on here.

4. Giordano Eleganza Collection Women’s Analog Watch – ₹3,021


You can also opt for this Giordano watch which is sure to complete your look. This analog gold watch has crystals inside the dial and also in the middle of the clasp. Besides gold, there are also two other color variations: Rose Gold and Silver. Having a waterproof depth of 30 meters, the watch comes with a one-year international warranty.

Do you want to buy this one? Click on here.

5. Daniel Klein Analog Black Dial Women’s Watch – ₹1,312


If you are a lover of black, then this Daniel Klein watch is for you. It’s simple but classy. The crystal material of this black analog watch is made of glass and has a sliding buckle closure. The material of the strap is metal-based. The bezel is made of stainless steel. The description boasts of its lightweight feature. The warranty is 12 months.

Do you want to buy this one? Click on here.

6. Fastrack Analog Rose Dial Ladies Watch – ₹2,195


If you love pink, then this Fastrack watch is the one for you. This pink sports watch has a very unique dial that also features the days of the week. The crystalline material is glass. It has a pin buckle as a clasp. The strap material is leather. It has a waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Do you want to buy this one? Click on here.

7. Emporio Armani Multi-Dial Analog Women’s Watch – ₹20,997


Well well well! If budget is not your concern and you want to flaunt an ultra-luxurious watch on your wrist, this is the Emporio Armani one for you. This watch has a multicolored round dial and its bracelet is in rose gold. The band material is stainless steel. It boasts of a folding clasp, unidirectional bezel function and the fact that it measures seconds.

Do you want to buy this one? Click on here.

8. Casio Silver Dial Women’s Watch – ₹3,495


If you are looking for a Casio watch, this may be your go-to accessory. The crystal of this silver watch is made from minerals and the bracelet is made from stainless steel. It has a folding clasp as closure. The watch has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Do you want to buy this one? Click on here.

Now that you have so many options to choose from, we hope we can help you buy a watch for yourself. If you already have one, buy it for your loved ones. It will surely make them happy. So what are you waiting for? Buy one of these watches/timepieces for your mother/sister/partner on Amazon.

Jaao kharido lo, phir ye mat kehna ki bataya nahin!

]]> Grab these Kickstarter deals on the best watches for men and women Fri, 16 Sep 2022 13:46:38 +0000

Watches have truly been an amazing addition to every fashion wardrobe. Of course, we love a good branded watch. It just adds class and style to our fashion game. Whether it’s dinner or a casual brunch with friends, a watch will always accentuate your personal aesthetic. From beautiful high-end styles to chic classic essentials, we’ve got you covered with the best watches for men and women. Get sale-like prices even before Amazon’s big Indian festival starts. Grab these kickstarter deals on watches now!

We have handpicked watches for men and women

1. TIMEX Analog Men’s Watch

This stunning watch from Timex comes with an eye-catching round dial and a stellar leather strap that makes it super durable. The chic style makes it a perfect choice for almost any closet. You can simply pair this piece with any garment.

(1,758 ratings and 5,634 reviews)

2. Fastrack Fleek Analog Dial Women’s Watch

This beautiful watch from Fastrack features a stunning rose gold color and comes with a round dial and a metal strap that makes it lightweight and super easy to adorn. It has an analog display type that is worth buying.

3. Sonata Analog Watches for Women

Featuring a bright pink dial, this watch from Sonata comes with a stainless steel bracelet that is super light when adorned. It also has a round dial shape, analog display type and is water resistant.

4. Casio Enticer Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch

This watch from Casio features a stunning silver tone and is comprised of a stainless steel bracelet which is relatively lighter and easier to adorn. It has an analog type of display and is water resistant, which is worth it.

(348 ratings and 1,149 reviews)

5. Daniel Klein Analog Blue Dial Women’s Watch

Featuring a super stunning design, this watch from Daniel Klein features a stunning blue color and comes with a metal bracelet, which makes it durable. It comes with round dial and analog display along with glass crystal material.

6. French Connection Analog Dial Women’s Watch

Coming in a stunning rose gold color, this watch from French Connection features a leather strap and a round dial. It has an analog display type and is water resistant. The elegant design of the watch only adds to the style.

]]> New Vintage Watches in HODINKEE Store Wed, 14 Sep 2022 14:55:12 +0000

If you’re investing in a dress watch this season, what better than to consider those from one of the Holy Trinity Swiss watchmakers, Patek Philippe: a classic and a bit avant-garde. The 18k yellow gold Ellipse with the classic “Clous de Paris” finish on the bezel is a simple, iconic dress watch that you should just look after for the next generation. The crisp white dial set against black printed Roman numerals and black oxidized leaf hands has a beautifully simple layout with clear legibility. The other piece is the more creative of the two. The geometric nature of this 18k white gold integrated bracelet lends itself to a more niche look but is just as versatile. The watch can go from day to night very easily. The octagonal shape of the case and the textured finish of the dial, topped with the integrated bracelet, make this watch somewhat offbeat for PP.

Both of these Pateks have a slim profile, thanks to the trusty 215 caliber movement inside with just 2.55mm in height, which has been used in many of the brand’s dress watches from the mid-1970s to the present day. Dress watches are still undervalued compared to other sports watch categories, so here’s your chance to be ahead of the curve for this fall and winter.

A classic accessory to define your personality Fri, 09 Sep 2022 12:18:17 +0000

Best wristwatches for men: If you are a man who wants to look smart like a gentleman, then having a good wristwatch is very essential. Wearing a watch can never get out of fashion. Besides showing the time, it adds beauty to your personality. They are essential accessories in a male wardrobe. Men’s Watches come in various designs, styles and dial shapes. Larger dials are suitable for men with wider arms and smaller dials are perfect for thin wrists.

There are some watches which come with water resistant features. If you have a good budget, you can invest in a good brand. The easiest way for a man to add a touch of style to his look is to wear a good quality watch.

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Best wristwatches for men

With many brands to come, you can choose from the most reliable and premium brands like Fossil, Titan, Michael Kors, etc. To help you navigate through various options, here is what we recommend:

Fossil Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

This beautiful black dial men’s watch from Fossil is of high quality. The silicone strap is waterproof and also provides comfort. This watch can add charm to your personality. You can easily swap out the brand and make it look like new. This fashionable watch is a must-have addition to your collection. Fossil Watch Price: Rs 11,995.

Casio Edifice Men’s Tachymeter Chronograph Watch


The Casio Edifice watch comes with a stainless steel case and the band displays function in a linear fashion versus a circular fashion used for most sub-dials. This makes it unique and elegant. Using a tachometer, you can measure speed based on travel time or measure distance based on speed anywhere and anytime. Designed with water resistant function, you can wear it men watch safe even in the rainy season. Casio Watch Price: Rs 15,995.

Titan Regalia Chronograph Silver Dial Mens Watch


The old and renowned brand that rules the watch industry is Titan. This analog watch comes with a white circular dial, Arabic numerals and slanted markings at one-minute intervals. The case is golden in color. Some other features include a quartz movement, a stainless steel back, and a time-setting crown. The bracelet is made of stainless steel, has a push-button closure and is two-tone (gold and silver). Titan Watch Price: Rs 10,395.

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Michael Kors Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch


This sophisticated and elegant watch from Micheal Kors features a quartz crystal that oscillates when a current is applied to it. The blue dial adds a glamorous and luxurious touch to this watch. The water resistant watch has high quality leather to keep the strap soft and durable. Michael Kors Watch Price: Rs 11,997.

Fastrack Big Time Analog White Dial Men’s Watch


This stylish analog watch from Fastrack is one of the most popular wristwatches. The attractive white watch with a black strap may have three crowns on the right side of the bezel and adjustable dials. You can wear it on any occasion, office, party, wedding or shopping. Fastrack Watch Price: Rs 4396.

Disclaimer: Jagran journalists were not involved in the production of this article. The prices mentioned here are subject to change from Amazon.

5 iconic watches that have appeared in movies Sat, 03 Sep 2022 11:34:37 +0000

Released in 1983, the Seiko M516-4009 was capable of recording small audio notes. Fortunately, at that time, WhatsApp had not yet been invented, so the Ghostbusters, instead of torturing with voice notes, used it for another much more professional function.

With the Seiko M516-4009 Voice Note on their wrist, some band members were able to detect the electronic voice phenomenon. In the real world, the audio quality of this digital clock was nothing out of the ordinary, but in the 80s, it stands to reason that this device seemed straight out of the future.

Omega The Magic – Scarface

Besides his weapon, Tony Montana had another friend who never left him. It was the Omega La Gagique, one of the most coveted watches in the world. Only 261 units were made and collectors call it “The Ghost Clock”. The nickname was earned by hand because, as happens with ghosts, you’re unlikely to see one anytime soon.

Casio G-Shock – Mission Impossible

mission impossible g shock.jpg

Is there anything tougher than Ethan Hunt? Well, probably the G-Shock he wore on his wrist so many times —note this line for the next one, Ibai—. Of all the watches Tom Cruise has had on his special assignments, Casio’s G-Shock is the one that’s been on display the most.

In all of its interventions, Casio’s unbreakable watch came out of the movie without a scratch.

Omega Seamaster-James Bond

omega 007.jpg

James Bond changed actors in the first decade of the 21st century, but he didn’t do the same with the watch. Throughout history, Agent 007 has worn several watches on his wrist. In Sean Connery’s time, the chosen one was the Rolex Submariner.

However, the Bond authors concluded with Brosnan that the 007 was much better suited to the Omega Seamaster, leaving behind the Rolex worn by earlier 007s. Since then, this model has also passed to Daniel Craig, and we will see if it also ends up being inherited by the next actor who plays him.