Casio presents its new G-Shock watches and defends that they are not connected watches

The legendary company has just shown its new watches and they completely forget about new technologies to offer a cyberpunk style with a completely traditional grip.

Few companies enjoy such a good image as Casio. The company, known above all for its legendary watches, continues to release models that remind us of better times.

They released one of the best-known watches of the 80s and are currently making many reissues of their own watches. Although they do not stagnate and continue to bring new models to the market.

they just presented the new virtual world Casio G-Shock, which feature a cyberpunk design inspired by virtual reality. They have suspenders with sporty black stripes and blue and purple details that remind us of sci-fi movies from decades ago.

Although Casio has already played with smartwatches, in this new range of watches they forget the technological advances of recent years. Its additional functions are stopwatch, alarm, world clock and calendar. They forget about operating systems, GPS or connecting to phones.

They’re made to be really durable and to appeal to anyone who doesn’t need a smartwatch., but want to embark on the adventure. On all three models, the GA2100VB-1A (left in the image above) has a carbon sphere that protects the internal machinery, while the other two have hard resins to withstand blows.

The company adheres to the philosophy that it’s better to have a stupid watch, but it works in worse circumstances. New wrist devices from big brands like Apple or Samsung appear every year, but they are much more expensive and some can be particularly fragile.

Smartwatches that are similarly priced to these new Casio’s are hardly recommended for their construction and performance. Instead of Casio G-Shock virtual world can last a long time and give us a retro look in no time.

Indeed, These watches can be reserved from tomorrow on their website and will go on sale in the middle of this November. Their prices are also attractive, given that the Casio GA2100VB-1A will cost $ 99, the GA700VB-1A will be $ 110 and the GA900VB-1A will be found by 140 $.

We still don’t know what its price will be for a change, but it surely won’t differ much from the value we gave.

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