Both Stormzy and Skepta have a taste for gold in watches

With fashion weeks keeping celebrities busy this week, big watch spots have been on offer. Stormzy and Skepta – at Burberry and Ferragamo respectively – seized the opportunity to flash some serious bracelets. Elsewhere, Miles Teller, the second best thing about Top Gun: Maverick (with all due respect to Tom Cruise), loses the dodgy spot and flexes a dream sports watch, while our Gareth shows off some watch references on the sidelines.

Ben Affleck wears a Rolex GMT-Master II Batman

Batman wears a Batman

Hell, the man who played one of the most absurd versions of Batman has a “Batman” strapped to his wrist – or if you want to get technical, a Rolex GMT-Master II. Originally designed for Pan Am pilots, the black-blue ceramic bezel looks great, but its main role is to help tell the time in two different places. The GMT-Master II is one of the most classic timepieces in the Affleck collection, which contains fantasies such as a skeletonized Rolex Submariner and a Hermès Arceau L’Heure De La Lune. We say Affleck because we assume he didn’t add Lopez to his name.

Stormzy wears a Patek Philippe 5980/1R Nautilus in rose gold

Mel made her wear it

Another big boy “kettle” (it’s cockney slang that rhymes with watch, natch) from the grime GOAT: Stormzy wore a Patek Philippe 5980/1R Nautilus for Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry Swan Song this week. The opulent rose gold remix of the popular steel sports watch with its iconic porthole design features a flyback chronograph. One look at the “Mel Made Me Do It” rapper will tell not only how much time has passed, but how rich and successful he has become.

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