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Bankate loan without paycheck: possible solutions

Bankate loan without paycheck: possible solutions

Getting a loan without a paycheck, as I mentioned, is possible, you still need to have specific requirements, let’s see them in detail.

On the Astro Finance website in the section dedicated to questions and answers – the FAQ – to the question “What documents are needed to apply for an Bankate personal loan?” The answer is: identity card, tax code and an income document. As you can see, the lender asks for a document attesting to an income and not necessarily a paycheck.

In essence, in addition to the identification documents, to grant personal loans without a paycheck, Bankate asks that it demonstrate that it has an economic income and I add that it is constant and legal. A financial income is therefore needed, a demonstrable income, so that those conditions are created so that whoever examines the request can decide whether to approve it or deny it on the basis of the parameters established by the internal financial policy.

Let’s see now what are the incomes that can give access to credit even if you don’t have a paycheck.

1. Bankate Loan Without Payroll: rent from an apartment

When you rent a house and the rent is regularly paid into your checking account, you can actually prove that you have a fixed monthly income . In this case – but as we will see later also for others – the bank statement is the proof that serves to demonstrate that you regularly collect an annuity. So if you have a situation of this type and receive at least 500 USD per month of rent it is possible – if you have no other active financing – to apply for an Bankate loan without a paycheck. Of course, the installment must be of an amount deemed appropriate, but in fact the operation is feasible.

Very well viewed, in order to grant personal loans, Bankate prefers those rental contracts that enjoy a bank guarantee, so, if for some reason the tenant becomes insolvent, the bank will pay the due in its place. A surety makes everything much safer!

2. Bankate Loan Without Paycheck: rental income from a business premises

Basically we are in the same situation as the rental income from a house or apartment. Again you can apply for a loan without a paycheck to Bankate. The necessary documentation is the same that is produced for the property income, you need the rental contract regularly registered with the Revenue Agency and the bank account statement on which the rent is paid.

Keep in mind that it is very important to have regular income and that the lease has an adequate expiration date, that is, if it expires in a few months, it certainly will not be the maximum guarantee. So before proceeding with the loan application to Bankate it is better to wait for the contract to be renewed and only then proceed.

3. Bankate Loan Without Payroll: maintenance check annuity

The annuity from a maintenance allowance is also a fixed income, especially when it is imposed by the judge. However, always keep in mind that you need a minimum of 500 USD per month to have any chance of seeing you approved the financing practice.

4. Bankate Loan Without Payroll: participation income

Even if you do not work physically in a company, but you appear as a partner and beneficiary and monthly receive a sum from the participation income, you can endorse your request by presenting this income as a guarantee. Again, producing the necessary documentation is quite simple, ask your accountant, he will provide you with all the necessary documents.

5. Bankate Loan Without Paycheck: annuity from the rent of structures and agricultural land

Rental income from sheds and agricultural land leases are also considered as a source of income. If you come back in this case, you can use the lease agreement together with the bank statement to demonstrate the revenue received.

6. Bankate Loan Without Paycheck: income from self-employment with VAT number

Tax return (Single People and Single Company): if you are a merchant, freelancer, or self-employed, you can use the annual income document as a guarantee for the loan.

In this case, historicity is certainly required. If the VAT number has been opened for a few months, it will be unlikely that Bankate will seriously consider a loan request, this is because in the absence of historical data, there is no way to evaluate the income that you have on average monthly.

7. Bankate Loan Without Payroll: supplementary pension income

Supplementary pension pension: you do not yet have a state pension, but are you currently taking advantage of the monthly pension offered by the supplementary pension ? Then you can choose to use this as a guarantee for the funding requested.

These are some practical examples but it is said that there are no other valid situations to give access to a loan. Well, now let’s try to clarify other aspects that can raise doubts … continue reading.

8. Bankate Loan Without Household Payslip

Have you read elsewhere that Bankate also loans housewives who do not have demonstrable income? In this case, the news is not true because as I explained to you, there is no possibility, even if you have a guarantor, to obtain a personal loan without having a document certifying a constant income over time or in any case stable revenues.

Bankate Loan Without Payroll With Guarantor: can I apply for a loan?

Bankate Loan Without Payroll With Guarantor: can I apply for a loan?

Yes, indeed, it is desirable to have a guarantor or a co-obligation, this to facilitate the approval of the financing practice by the credit institution, it is also a prerequisite that is often requested by Bankate at the time of the request. However, the concept that it is still essential to have a demonstrable income must be reiterated.

At this point you may ask yourself: but if I have a demonstrable income, why do I need the guarantor? The explanation is simple: if there is no income, it is not realistic to expect the installments to be paid regularly, the obvious consequence is that Bankate should intervene by activating the debt collection office to request the payment of the installments and if this action does not result the effect hoped to precede the recovery of the credit by making recourse on who made you from the guarantor.

As it is easy to understand, the procedures for the recovery of the credit are very expensive, long and problematic. This is a very complex process and it is for this reason that even if you have a guarantor but do not have a demonstrable income, Bankate prefers to avoid approving the loan practice.

Categories that do not have a paycheck but who can apply for a loan from Bankate

Categories that do not have a paycheck but who can apply for a loan from Bankate

Given the exclusion of all those who do not have demonstrable income, you are certainly wondering who can get an Bankate loan without a paycheck.

Let’s see the accepted categories together :

  • Self-employed workers with VAT number
  • Freelancers registered or not on a professional register
  • Merchants and Craftsmen
  • Real estate owners, landowners or commercial premises who have an income from the rent
  • Partners in participation of the earnings received by a company
  • All those who receive a monthly income demonstrable by check or bank transfer, such as: supplementary pensions, maintenance allowance

Alternative to the Bankate loan without paycheck: the loan changed

Alternative to the Bankate loan without paycheck: the loan changed

Although much more complex, if you have no guarantees, as an alternative to the Bankate loan without a paycheck, you can try the way of the loan changed . Few banks offer it and in some cases difficult to find, for this reason it would be better to try the path of loans exchanged between private individuals.

In the latter case it is therefore possible to request the necessary sum from a relative, friend or acquaintance and guarantee the repayment by signing the bills of exchange, which will represent the monthly installments to be paid to those who have granted you a private loan.

Before proceeding with this alternative, I recommend you read the article loaned at home


In conclusion, regardless of whether you have a paycheck or not, you have the option of requesting a loan from Bankate, as long as you have a proof of income and possibly a guarantor that can facilitate the authorization process disbursement of the loan.

I also remind you that to make an application for an online loan you need three documents:

  • Identity card
  • Income document
  • Fiscal Code

After sending the application, if there are the conditions for obtaining the financing, Bankate contacts the customer to obtain more information, for any contact with the guarantor and to make sure that the installment is not too high compared to the monthly income received . In principle, if you receive 500 USD per month from an annuity, the installment will be around 160/180 USD, therefore less than half of the certified monthly income.

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