Are there NFT watches?

That’s what I found interesting about this project. Watches like NFTs are rooted in a collectible culture. But the reason watches are valuable – the craftsmanship, the beauty, the materials – doesn’t really exist in physical form when you create an NFT. They exist in two distinct universes but on parallel tracks.

Yes. And that’s why it makes sense to have certain rarity traits. So, in my very first collection, I made the same watch in different editions. So basically 100 people got the exact same thing. And in the real world, you do that, but there’s a real-life rarity. For example, you cannot pick up a Daytona store. You’re going to have to wait three years or something. Or you would have to go to secondary school, and the increase is then quite high. So basically the digital equivalent of that would be, in my eyes, rarity traits like different colors, different materials, different dials and arms.

So what’s your theory? Is a physical watch or an NFT watch a better investment?

I have collectors who I can verify hate the actual watches, but they bought the digital watches just because they have it, and it looks cool. So I think there’s going to be a disconnect between people seeing this and they’re like, “Oh, it’s just a picture or a video. What value will it have? And then there are people who are the opposite, who say: “Real watches? Man, it’s Boomer stuff. Where I fall is: I like both. I like making them. I like my own stuff, and I always feel weird saying that, but I like watching the stuff that I do. I also like real watches, and the holy grail is a Datograph.

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