Affordable Debt Consolidation In Texas Provides Debt Relief For Texans

Tim Wilkins of Affordable Debt Consolidation was joined by Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert to discuss debt and how certain programs can assist click here to visit for free.

“Many Texans have suffered financially from the pandemic , and are currently struggling with massive credit card debt as well as personal loans. It can be difficult to pay off the debt due to the high interest rates. Many are struggling to pay the minimum payment or are behind on their payments. For those who have not made payments for a long time Many lenders are seeking to file lawsuits against Texans in an effort to get the debt paid.”

Non-Texas Debt Relief Companies

“There are numerous out-of-state credit relief businesses marketing on both the web and on cable television. However there are many Texans are left with expensive charges and promises that aren’t fulfilled. Affordable Debt Consolidation is an officially registered DBA of Debt Redemption Inc. A Texas-based business that is solely focused on offering solutions for Texans who struggle with thousands of dollars of credit card personal or debt.”

Here are some options that might be able to assist you solve your debt issues:

Consolidation Loans for Debt in Texas

“Using an interest-free loans to settle high interest credit card debt could be the best way to control your finances more effectively. It is possible to save some dollars each month, and pay off your debt in just a couple of years instead of potentially a decade. However, for many the loans are difficult to obtain the criteria. They require a good credit score as well as the lowest debt to income ratio to minimize the risk of offering unsecure loans to settle a substantial quantity in credit debit card balances. Making applications with several lenders could be difficult. Affordable Debt Consolidation does not function as a lender , but rather an affiliate program to compare numerous lenders who offer loans for debt consolidation to Texans. There is no charge to check out offers and it doesn’t impact any of your credit rating.”

Financial Counseling is available in Texas

“A credit counseling debt management plan is an excellent option for those who are unable to be eligible for the debt consolidation loan as there’s no need to qualify for or obtain new loans. It is a credit counseling plan is regarded as an emergency plan that generally reduces credit rate interest to 10 percent or less. The credit counselling or debt reduction program is not intended to permit you to to make adjustments while you’re in the program. The majority of the time, our monthly payments are lower than the minimal payments under the credit counseling program which is why they are intended to settle the debt within five years. Affordable Debt Consolidation uses a debt management company that is non-profit to help clients decide if that this is the most appropriate option for their needs.”

The Debt Relief Program in Texas

“This is usually the best choice for people who are struggling and need to pay off debt as quickly as they can in the least amount money without having to file for bankruptcy. These are not brand the first time you have a loan or credit counseling programs. Also, you don’t pay your creditors on a regular basis. Instead you deposit your program’s funds into an FDIC savings account specifically designed for your needs and each account is being negotiated and settled each time at the lowest cost possible. The monthly program can cost less than half as much compared to the minimum payment, and they are generally planned for a period of two to four years, according to your budget. Affordable Debt Consolidation may also aid Texans who are facing lawsuits by creditors. The Affordable Debt Consolidation Texas Debt Specialists can discuss your circumstances and assist you to determine which solution is the best one for you. If you contact them, Affordable Debt Consolidation can help you find Texas Bankruptcy attorneys if you choose not to take a non-bankruptcy solution to your debt.”

“If you are struggling with credit card debt or personal loans, call 800-816-1003 or visit to speak to a Texas Debt Specialist. There you can learn more about the options available for credit counseling or debt relief as well as the consolidation of debts in Texas. Affordable Debt Consolidation Texas Consultations by phone or in the office are absolutely free without obligation. Due to COVID-19 consultations might not be offered at all times.”

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