8 most exclusive and expensive Seiko watches


Despite being an affordable watch brand, Seiko has made some exclusive and expensive watches unlike their usual watches.

Seiko’s story begins in a small central Tokyo watch repair shop opened by Kintaro Hattori in 1881. The 22-year-old entrepreneur has created a brand that has left a lasting legacy. Seiko began making wall clocks and pocket watches in the late 1890s and made history by creating the first wristwatch in Japan. The first luxury watch introduced under the moniker was the Grand Seiko in 1960. Known for making affordable and durable timepieces, their watches brought the company millions of dollars in sales. The Regular Collection offers lasting functionality, and the Exclusive Collection is an extension of functionality with a touch of heritage and elegance.

Seiko is a long established brand, from vintage models to sleek and elegantly constructed new watches for generations. Showcasing watches that stand the test of time, let’s take a look at the most exclusive and expensive watches from Seiko.

8 Grand Seiko Heritage Collection SBGA211

First launched in 2016, the SBGA211 is one of the most coveted models, costing over $ 5,800, as noted The rarest. With a titanium case and Snowflake dial, the Heritage Collection watch has a 72-hour power reserve displayed on the case. The spring driving moment provides precision and the watch is waterproof up to 100 meters in water.

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7 Grand Seiko SLGA001

A watch to mark a special occasion, the SLGA001 was introduced to commemorate Grand Seiko’s 60th anniversary in 2010. This limited edition watch is a rare collector’s item and is priced at $ 11,100. The titanium silver case makes it lighter than steel and scratch resistant. The sapphire crystal glass is water resistant up to 600 meters and the movement is precise in less than 0.5 seconds.

6 Grand Seiko Elegance SBGW260

The Seiko Elegance collection has always been expensive due to the customization options based on the material constructions. These watches can be made from titanium, platinum, stainless steel, and gold. While the base model costs $ 4,300, the SBGW260 belongs to the more expensive spectrum which costs $ 29,000. It is made of stainless steel and a mechanical manual winding dial. It has a 72-hour power reserve and offers a luxurious look with its brown leather strap.

5 Seiko Astronomical Observatory Chronometer

The rarest of the few, Seiko made only 73 Astronomical Observatory Chronometer watches in 1968, as noted Par Six Watches. The case, dials and handles are made of 18k gold which increased the expense and the brand decided to discontinue the watch. A few years ago, one of the 73 watches sold for $ 40,000; however, it did not come with the original box or strap. If any of the watches in the collection resurfaced, it would become the most expensive Seiko watch.

4 Grand Seiko Heritage Collection SBGA385

The SBGA385 is one of a set of 20 limited edition watches produced as part of the Heritage collection. Made with a spring-loaded construction, the watch has 30 jewels integrated inside. The platinum case features sapphire crystal glass and anti-reflective coating to prevent glare. This series of watches was exclusively designed and manufactured to be sold in the United States for $ 53,000.

3 Grand Seiko Elegance Collection SBGW263

One of the most valuable watches in the collection, the SBSW263 is part of the Elegance collection and lives up to its name. The case is platinum with 18k gold on the back with a double coated sapphire crystal. Composed of 24 rubies, it has a lion engraved on the back. The watch is part of a limited edition edition with only 20 units produced, increasing its cost to $ 97,000.

2 Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection SBGD207

The rarest Seiko watches belong to the Masterpiece collection, and the SBGD207 is no different. Only 15 examples of the watch were made, making it Seiko’s rarest timepiece. According to Grand Seiko, the watch features 97 diamonds, 56 rubies and 24 green garnets. The polished sapphire crystal case and pristine platinum live up to its masterpiece name. It comes with a price tag of $ 185,000.

1 Grand Seiko SBGD205 spring drive

Topping the list, the SBGD205 comes with a spring-loaded dial and an 8-day power reserve, as reported Lead the tribe. The platinum case is inspired by the early winter mornings of central Japan. The dial is set with baguette diamonds and beautiful blue sapphires and set on an 18k white gold base. The watch also retails for $ 185,000, similar to the SBGD207 from the Masterpiece collection.

By creating durable watches that feature water resistant and anti-reflective surfaces, Seiko has ensured that users have the ultimate experience of strapping a rare Seiko watch to their wrists. From the use of precious jewelry to the integration of the rarest diamonds, Seiko has established itself as a brand capable of making stunning watches for everyday wear and special occasions when needed.

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