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Elizabeth taylor
Faithful to those she loves

The late Hollywood sweetheart Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her adoration of all that glitters and glitters. She hit her jewelry heyday during the most expensive movie ever made at the time, Cleopatra, where she played the Egyptian monarch. While filming the epic historical drama in Rome, Taylor was pictured wearing a unique snake watch, which her boyfriend and co-star Richard Burton bought for her.

The accessory in question was made by Bulgari – a little-known local jewelry store in Rome in the early 1960s. But the exclusive piece, worn by one of the decade’s most famous actresses, has proven to be extremely popular. Entitled the Serpenti Watch, the gold wrap-around wrist accessory not only catapulted Bulgari to worldwide fame, but also began a long-standing relationship with Taylor. It is also now Bulgari’s iconic motif, which has clearly stood the test of time.

Bulgari Creative Director Lucia Silvestri said City Country that the accessory symbolizes “power and seduction” – two qualities that Taylor certainly emulated as the sex symbol / goddess of the Hollywood screen. His decision to stick with the Italian luxury brand until his death (by continually wearing the Serpenti watch among other jewelry) shows his loyalty.

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