5 watches that will improve your style this summer

We recently rounded up the best luxury watches you need this summer season. If these impressed you but you’re still looking for ways to up your watch game this season, we’ve got you covered!

Here are our top favorite watches that will ensure all the attention is on your wrist this summer:

Watches GUESS Euphoria Collectionot
If downplaying your style isn’t your thing, then these new releases from GUESS are your pick. Drawing on the much-needed post-pandemic escape, the enchanting timepieces of the new Euphoria collection. Available in visionary iridescent plating tones in a new softer finish, these watches feature rose gold accents that highlight the pink tones of the iridescent plating.

An uplifting way of self-expression, the new Euphoria collection comes in a host of neutral tones paired with rose gold versions and blue pieces paired with silver.

The watches cost between Rs 12,000 and Rs 20,000 and are available at all authorized Timex retailers.

Victorniox INOX Professional Diver LE

As always, the new dive tool watch from Victorinox is causing a stir. The INOX LE professional diver. Available in a titanium case, the timepiece relies on its technical prowess with ISO 6425 certification. Inspired by the fascinating colors and textures of the seabed, the INOX Professional Diver LE comes in a 45 mm titanium case with Matte black PVD, a unidirectional rotating bezel with luminescent and a water resistance of 200 m. Powered by the Swiss-made Rhonda 715 quartz movement, the watch is attached to a genuine rubber stretch strap.

Watches to upgrade your watch style this summer

The 1,200-piece limited edition watch is priced at INR 15,602 (approx) and comes in distinctive packaging with an exclusive Spartan PS Swiss Army Knife.

Fossil FB-01 Solar Powered #Tidal Ocean Material

Fossil is celebrating Earth Month with a new watch that not only makes a statement, but also does the planet a favor. Introducing the FB-01 Solar-Powered #tide ocean material® watches – an embodiment of consciousness and sustainability. These watches are made with #tide ocean material® which includes parts made from recycled plastics related to the ocean. Powered by the sun, the collection comes in blue and green variants and is the perfect companion for a laid-back day on a summer afternoon.

Watches to upgrade

The watch is priced at Rs 10,995.

Skagen Flaster Gen 6 Smartwatch

Perfect for adding to your list of summer must-haves is Skagen’s latest addition to its wearable portfolio – the Falster Gen 6 Smartwatch. Equipped with increased speed and running and powered by the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ platform, this new timepiece is the ultimate addition to your watch list.

Inspired by its Danish aesthetic, the Skagen Flaster Gen 6 smartwatch comes in five variants with a 42mm case size that includes color options like silver, charcoal, and black case colors. Along with its ultra-cool aesthetics, the series also offers cutting-edge day-to-day features such as increased battery charging speed and smart battery modes.

Watches to upgrade your watch style this summer

The price of the watch is Rs 21,995.

Casio G-Shock Midnight Fog Series

Evoking the spirit of misty nights in the city, Casio’s new Midnight Fog series offers a range of watches in translucent bands with polished metal covered cases in understated neutral colors. With these new series, Casio marks its foray into neutral colors. The new collection comes in softer hues and a type of frosted matte skeleton strap giving the watch a more understated yet elegant look.

The Casio G-Shock Midnight Fog series is available in five basic models and colors. These include a standard blue GM-5600 square face, smaller sizes of GM-5600, GM-S5600 available in a purple tint, the GM-110 large case is available in black, while the octagonal GM-2100 bezel is brown, and the smaller GM-2100, GM-S2100, is black. All five models are water resistant to 200 meters and are equipped with a multi-function alarm, world time for 48 cities and a manual change function.

Watches to upgrade your watch style this summer

The watch costs between Rs 12,995 and Rs 14,995.

Header image: Fossil, Victorinox and GUESS watches

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