5 iconic watches that have appeared in movies

Released in 1983, the Seiko M516-4009 was capable of recording small audio notes. Fortunately, at that time, WhatsApp had not yet been invented, so the Ghostbusters, instead of torturing with voice notes, used it for another much more professional function.

With the Seiko M516-4009 Voice Note on their wrist, some band members were able to detect the electronic voice phenomenon. In the real world, the audio quality of this digital clock was nothing out of the ordinary, but in the 80s, it stands to reason that this device seemed straight out of the future.

Omega The Magic – Scarface

Besides his weapon, Tony Montana had another friend who never left him. It was the Omega La Gagique, one of the most coveted watches in the world. Only 261 units were made and collectors call it “The Ghost Clock”. The nickname was earned by hand because, as happens with ghosts, you’re unlikely to see one anytime soon.

Casio G-Shock – Mission Impossible

mission impossible g shock.jpg

Is there anything tougher than Ethan Hunt? Well, probably the G-Shock he wore on his wrist so many times —note this line for the next one, Ibai—. Of all the watches Tom Cruise has had on his special assignments, Casio’s G-Shock is the one that’s been on display the most.

In all of its interventions, Casio’s unbreakable watch came out of the movie without a scratch.

Omega Seamaster-James Bond

omega 007.jpg

James Bond changed actors in the first decade of the 21st century, but he didn’t do the same with the watch. Throughout history, Agent 007 has worn several watches on his wrist. In Sean Connery’s time, the chosen one was the Rolex Submariner.

However, the Bond authors concluded with Brosnan that the 007 was much better suited to the Omega Seamaster, leaving behind the Rolex worn by earlier 007s. Since then, this model has also passed to Daniel Craig, and we will see if it also ends up being inherited by the next actor who plays him.

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