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A few days into February, it is normal that we prepare for warmer weather. Of course, parts of it are still struggling with lingering snow (us in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia respectively). But, we feel the light (the sun) on the horizon. For me, that means short-sleeved sweatshirts and sneakers. You will find both here. For watch fans, that probably means color-coated dials. You will find them here too. But there is a lot more too. Start exploring.

Fortela Stage 7A Sweatshirt

There’s an iconic photo of Steve McQueen wearing a cropped short-sleeved sweatshirt in the halls of a studio in Hollywood. Behind him, Studio 7A is painted on the wall. Fortela has combined the classic styling and this faded graphic for a pleasing reproduction.

Price: 190 €


MkII Stingray II Keroman Watch

For its latest release, independent brand MkII has announced the second generation of its Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms homage, the Stingray. The first generation was released almost 20 years ago and its return has been well received. With the design that made its inspiration legendary, the Seiko automatic movement and an affordable price, it’s easy to see why.

Price: $895


ROA Katharina Hike

Italian brand ROA Hiking has just launched a suite of Vibram-soled boots and shoes. Among them are these Katharinas, raw suede hiking trainers with a contrasting tongue, a durable outsole and colored laces.

Price: $445


TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 watch

A new line within TAG Heuer’s Aquaracer collection will be welcomed by fans of the brand’s diver’s watches from the not-too-distant past. Reduced to a popular 40mm size and featuring a steel bezel that makes it stand out among the sea of ​​diver’s watches, it’s what many customers have been asking for. A water resistance of 200m (instead of 300) won’t make a functional difference for most. A few dial colors, quartz and automatic options, as well as a smaller 30mm version, are available.

Price: $2,050 (quartz), $2,750 (automatic)


Todd Snyder x Converse Rebel Prep Chuck 70 Hi Top

These were super limited and the raffle window closed on them. But the larger Rebel Prep collection includes many items that look a lot like these. Buy It Now.

Price: $120


man made military backpack

NIGO, now creative director of KENZO, also runs HumanMade. You’ve probably seen his smart graphic tees, sneakers, or duck pins floating around IRL or the internet, but this military backpack is brand new. I love it.

Price: ¥27,280


Grand Seiko Heritage 55th Anniversary SLGA Watches

As part of the brand’s 55th anniversary releases, two new limited models from the Grand Seiko Heritage collection feature dials with an organic-looking wavy pattern and branded Ever Brilliant Steel cases. One model features a black dial and Spring Drive movement (SLGA013) while the other has a blue dial and Hi-Beat (5Hz) automatic movement (SLGA009).

Price: $9,500 (SLGA013), $10,500 (SLGH009)


Escapism Pas Normal Studios down jacket

It’s the late season for down jackets. What does it mean ? Yes, it’s freezing in my part of the world (Pittsburgh), but other parts of the country are thawing. Take on moderate temperatures in this light green duvet from Pas Normal Studios.

Price: $450


Oris Aquis Sun Wu Kong Artist Edition Watch

Oris is known for its dive and tool watches, but not so much like this. With individually hand-painted enamel dials, it’s the most expensive watch Oris has ever made that isn’t precious metal (it’s steel). Part of the brand’s Sun Wu Kong series, the dial depicts the underwater palace depicted in the Chinese classic Travel west. Only 72 copies will be made.

Price: $27,500


Percival Mini Hound Work Shirt

Percival makes excellent second coats. It’s not heavy enough to be a coat, but it’s totally doable as a light jacket. Plus, the mini dog motif looks great from a distance (as seen here), but even better up close.

Price: $335


Bulgari Octo Roma Carillon Tourbillon Watch

High-end watchmaking without limits. The new Bulgari Octo Roma Carillon Tourbillon cannot be described as anything else. Its centerpiece is a striking mechanism with a platinum and titanium case designed acoustically to amplify it. Then you have a tourbillon and a skeleton movement to top it all off, all entirely produced in-house, of course. There will be 30 examples made.

Price: $317,000


Nike Overbreak Hot Curry

The Nike Overbreak silhouette isn’t new, but this colorway is. Called “Hot Curry”, it comes in two shades of bright orange with a contrasting black Swoosh and the chunky Sail-colored sole.

Price: $140


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